BELGIAN BEER!! That is our common interest. Everyone in this virtual pub loves Belgian Beer, but as well as Belgian beer, everyone here also loves many other things in life. The Babble Belt is an international community of Belgian beer lovers who also have a wide range of other interests: American beer, British beer, Dutch and German beer, in fact, we love finding out about and discussing quality beers from all over the world. We also enjoy hearing about and visiting the great beer bars of the world; travelling; meeting new friends from all over the world; sport; music; great food, and many other interests.

Many Babblers are regular beer travellers: to reflect this and capture this vast experience of beer travel, the Babble Belt has developed into a major on line beer travel resource. If you are thinking about travelling to Belgium to sample its unique beer culture, then look no further than our new BBB Travel section. Here you will find a substantial resource offering tips for the first time traveller, City and Province Guides featuring the best beer cafes, nearby breweries, the best restaurants, and advice on accommodation, and a section showcasing the best of the many travel reports that Babble Belt contributors have written over the years.

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Just launched May 24th. Are you a brewer? We have a good community of beer makers here on the BBB. No registration or sign up is required and topics need not be Belgian style specific.

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There have been many classic threads, great travel advice and topics that need to be remembered! The archive page lets you relive the past.

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