N8: 	Hey looky there. New chat room.
N8: 	Very nice, roomy, cozy.
N8: 	Heya Al.
Al B: 	hey N8
Al B: 	Thanks again for the xtra bottle - I owe ya!
N8: 	Thought I was going to be late, but got here early.
N8: 	Oh, no problem.
N8: 	Steve said something about doing two, so I thought it was back to the old way.
Al B: 	Whats the one w/ the red cap?
N8: 	That's an '05 CunningLinguist barley wine. Similar to the one that we had in the Barley wine swap.
Al B: 	and the other is a brett brew? 
N8: 	Yea, the mysterious bottle is the brett beer.
Al B: 	Hey Ted
N8: 	HiYa Ted.
tedj: 	Hi I'm on but Chet is not loading up
Al B: 	:o 
tedj: 	He s have the same problem I had until Sat.  
tedj: 	Any sign  of Steve?
Al B: 	Ted, your wee (wee heavy) was out of a barrel? 
tedj: 	It was a group effort, 10 of us filled a bourbon barrel. Previously the group did a Russ Imp Stout
	in the same barrel.
Al B: 	Interestin' 
N8: 	OK, got glasses and bottles lined up, music on, hands washed. I'm set. Bring it on!
Al B: 	N8 - you started that femish red yet? 
N8: 	Getting ready to. I've got the recipe,or at least a guidelines, out to all that want in on it.
N8: 	I've got a few different packets of funk to innoculate with.
N8: 	Hey Steve.
SteveG: Sorry guys, trouble logging in
N8: 	Same here, what's up wit dat?
SteveG: Oh - I have no sound! One moment please...
N8: 	pop_the_cap! 
N8: 	Mine works
tedj: 	Steve, Chet posted on the board that he can't get chat room to load.
Al B: 	OK here, strangely
N8: 	Uh Oh.
tedj: 	Told him to try a reboot.  Same problem I had that fixed itself
SteveG: OK. Well the chat room provider updated the code about a week ago
N8: 	That big-super-dummy.
SteveG: IE was giving me trouble but Firefox launched it no prob
SteveG: wow, font is big now!
N8: 	MAybe that's it. I couldn't launch it at work, but here it was just fine. I have Firfox here at home.
tedj: 	good for old guy
SteveG: Ah, thats better
SteveG: So it looks like we may have no Chet then I guess?
SteveG: Shame, he's fun at these
SteveG: a real extreme brewer
Al B: 	Yeah it looks like he sent his BRBBB dubbel
SteveG:	OK, lets go over what we have ... a baltic porter, a barley wine, a flanders red...
tedj: 	N8 what is your beer
SteveG: OK, then a double, is that all of them
SteveG: No, who'd I miss?
N8: 	It's a brett and lacto beer aged in oak
SteveG: Right Ted, missed N8
tedj: 	Wee heavy
Al B: 	the little grren brew!
tedj: 	whats in it?
SteveG: OK, I suggest we start with N8, that is probably the smallest one
N8: 	Yea, the small waired bottle it the brett beer. The other is an '05 Barley wine.
SteveG: then go to Al cause his is of the same ilk
Al B: 	ok , the green one
SteveG: then Chet then me then Ted
SteveG: dos that sound OK?
tedj: 	ok
N8: 	Smashing.
SteveG: Alright...please give me just one more minute. I can't pop one till something is spinning...
N8: 	Bet's on what's spinning tonight.
Al B: 	WHAT?!! c'mon! go go go
tedj: 	got the funk nose but not sure whats in back
SteveG: sorry for the delay...
N8: 	There's a subtle oak, not much though.
SteveG: pop_the_cap! 
N8: 	*evil* 
Al B: 	ditto here toolol 
SteveG: Sorry, should have said...
SteveG: Pop_it! 
N8: 	gulp 
SteveG: Very light CO2
N8: 	really? Mine is quite effervescent
Al B: 	very funky nose - can't place the type of brett 
SteveG: Nose is as lambicy as it gets!
tedj: 	popped good but some low in the beer no head now
N8: 	there is Lambicus, and Brux. There is also some lacto in there.
SteveG: even has a hint of that "burnt match" aroma
tedj: 	burnt match or cheese on oak
Al B: 	Were those WL or WY bretts? 
N8: 	WY.
SteveG: wow, still a bit sweet. N8, how low'd this go?
N8: 	Sorry about the under carbs. You should try mine. it's still fizzy.
N8: 	Hold onI'll look.
tedj: 	should have pulled sooner from fridge a tad cold 
SteveG: I have to say I think the aroma and the taste are out of synch
Al B: 	mine's fizzy, not sour from lacto - curious
N8: 	FG 1.000
tedj: 	no wonder its dry
SteveG: From the aroma you could have convinced me its a time honored senne valley lambic
SteveG: what???
N8: 	It's the same one you tasted on our funk swap several months ago.
N8: 	see ya Steve.
Al B: 	funked out 
N8: 	guess so.
N8: 	or he'll say there is a big storm knocking off line ;)
tedj: 	still drinking
Al B: 	I'll be doin' some wild ales very soon 
N8: 	I'll have to say, when we tasted this back in April, I think it was, it was really something.
	It seems to have lost something, but I can't place my finger on it. Unless it's maturing and
	in a strange place for the moment.
tedj: 	the dryness with a bit too much oak kills any malt,  how did you oak it
Al B: 	My bet is its the bruxellensis
SteveG: WTF!! Fixefox just shut me down to do an update!!
N8: 	It sat on med taost oak cubes for well over 6 months.
tedj: 	how much oak?
N8: 	That's a good one Steve. Better than the Storm excuse. ;)
N8: 	Um, about a handful.
N8: 	No real precise measurement
SteveG: Yep - I got a million of 'em!
SteveG: N8, Im stunned this is a 1.000 beer - mine is fairly sweet tasting
SteveG: But Im measuring it myself right now - pretty much 1.000. Wow
N8: 	It's a 1.058 OG, ending at 1.000, so I don't have an answer for the sweetness, unless it's a
	brett/lacto thing.
SteveG: Wait - actually more like 1.006
tedj: 	as it warms the flavor is smoothing out and coming up on par with the aroma
N8: 	Steve, did you catch my statement about this being the same beer you tasted on our funk swap several
	months back?
SteveG: and not that heady, maybe mine did not get a dose of priming yeast the others did?
SteveG: Whoa!! No.
N8: 	SAme one/.
SteveG: Thats really amazing, its totally different
tedj: 	what was it like before
N8: 	Yea, I'm wondering if it's still maturing in the bottle and in a strange place right now.,
SteveG: Ted, my describtion before was a very grainy pils with a distinct rough edge
Al B: 	must be the bruxellensis - its somethin' else 
N8: 	Very delicate, but extremely full of fruity brett flavors.
SteveG: It was the beer that launched me into pushing all brett brewing
tedj: 	as i finish the glass it is total flat but not a problem
N8: 	You think the oak would have made a differene in the flavors?
Al B: 	yeah, I remember you sayin' that steve 
N8:  	The last one didn't have oak on it yet.
SteveG: 	Man, ther evolution here is pretty amazing
N8: 	We'll have to do another swap in a year, and see where it's at.
SteveG: Intersting. Does anyone taste a suggestion of oak?
SteveG: Sorry, I had to hunt for a moment but there it is
N8: 	I do, but it'sv ery subtle in the finish.
Al B: 	I do subtlely 
tedj: 	i get a taste of it a tiny vanilia
SteveG: You know, as I sip this I think its less sweet than I first thought...
N8: 	Hmm.
SteveG: I think part of that is my perception of the oak
N8: 	Mine still has a nice dusting of carbonation on top. Really fizzy and refreshing, I might add.
N8: 	I'm thinking the oak has switch directions for the flavors of where this used to be.
SteveG: I think that may well be
N8: 	Maybe adding a sweetness, and a bit of an oak astringency.
SteveG: N8, I think my bottle may have been a hiccup in the priming line
N8: 	Well that sux!
tedj: 	mine was next to yours
SteveG: Does everyone else find this to be a dry beer
SteveG: ?
N8: 	I think so.
Al B: 	Oh yEah , quite dry
SteveG: N8, its OK, its homebrew. That happens.
tedj: 	yes and the low carb doesn't hurt it
N8: 	Guess we'll just have to try it again sometime...
tedj: 	serve from the cask next time
SteveG: Well, I can say my first brush with this beer actually7 drove me as the board admin
Al B: 	:D 
SteveG: So no prob!
SteveG: Al - this a dry one to you?
Al B:	Certainly
SteveG: OK, Im an anomoly!
N8: 	Cask would be nice, but these are all in bottles now. I've got the surry it was on though for
	another one similar to this.
SteveG: I'll tell ya, as this sits I think the wood really emerges
N8: 	It's got alot more then just Brux and Lambicus now.
N8: 	I think it comes out more as it warms.
SteveG: totally.
SteveG: Im_empty 
SteveG: anyone else done?
Al B: 	It is quite different that the brett brews I've had so far!
N8: 	different, how?
Al B: 	yeah, done 
SteveG: me too - but Al we have been largely focusing on a very different brett!
tedj: 	yea good for now
SteveG: N8, the fruit profile Ive been getting used to is not here.
Al B: 	not sour, Ill send you mine!
SteveG: The brett expresses very different from that
SteveG: Oops - record flip
N8: 	that was a quick record.
SteveG: But a beauty!
SteveG: Aqualung
SteveG: On to Als brew?
Al B: 	Ill be brewin' w/ lambicus soon too
N8: 	Nice, 
N8: 	I like the Lambicus quite a bit.
N8: 	Which brett were you guys using?
tedj: 	the flemish red?
Al B: 	Earlier clausenii
SteveG: BTW Al, some neat barlwy wine developments
Al B: 	The cherry flemish red has alittle of everything ! 
SteveG: Ummm, nice!
tedj: 	this has carb
SteveG: I get little aroma from this, but the flavor is Alexander ballpark
SteveG: Nice CO2, not much but just enough
N8: 	DAMN! had a gusher all over the carpet. The lady's gonna kill me, hold, I'm gonna have to go
	get a towel.
SteveG: Oh no!!!
Al B: 	cherries are lossing - what ?!?!? a gusher?
SteveG: Wow man, we are all over the place tonight!
tedj: 	came prepared towel and bucket
SteveG: Id have to have put mine in a paint can shaker to get it to gush
N8: 	Ah, there we go. Got the dog on it.
Al B: 	Must of been the travel, mines ok
tedj: 	mine just right but foaming a bit in bottle
SteveG: Al, is the cherry in here all actual cherries?
N8: 	It's been sitting in the frige since monday.
tedj: 	low cherry in nose, even a bit of sweet fruit
Al B: 	Cherry was mostly hand picked Montmorency and sweet cherry concentrate for balance
SteveG: I get a lot of pie flavor, but way back there is a little something that reminds me of cherry
	syrups I've used
SteveG: Ah, I can sesne the concentrate
N8: 	Yea, I can taste the syrup thing in there as well. I was trying to place it.
SteveG: Such an under appreciated tune from Aqualung - my god
SteveG: Love thios song!
N8: 	Is this roselare, or the clausenii?
SteveG: Got to be roselare
N8: 	Is it a homemade blend, or the Wyeast?
SteveG: This seems very different from the clausinii brews of yours Ive tasted
Al B: 	Roselare Saccharomyces, lactobacilli, brett claus. some other bretts
tedj: 	just the usual suspects
SteveG: Wow, so like all the bretts are in here?
N8: 	Is this aged inoak barrels, or on oak cubes?
Al B: 	Oh yeah also, sherry yeast, three bretts, and tons of oak staves 
SteveG: Holy cow!
SteveG: *evil* 
N8: 	sherry yeast? Hmm. why sherry yeast.
Al B: 	lol 
N8: 	Does it just add a different level of complexity?
tedj: 	it doesn't like being left in the bottle, pouring more
Al B: 	yeah, it has a curious aroma w/ o2
SteveG: Oh, Al ... did you notice the creepy guy looking out from in back of the hydrometer at the top
	of the page?
Al B: 	YES, now I see the hat :p 
tedj: 	this is quite good, just savoring and picking things out
N8: 	Swirling it brings out the cherries really well. 
Al B: 	Yeah I think it does as it warms 
SteveG: Al - this must be the same beer you served at your party?
N8: 	Is that AL?
SteveG: yep!
SteveG: Voodoo man Al from Halloween!
N8: 	Before or after costume?
SteveG: *evil* 
Al B: 	hard to say - New Orleans does that to me 
SteveG: Sorry, redundant but I had to!
SteveG: Al, I don't remember the background cherry syrup flavor when drinking this at your party
tedj: 	whats the age on this
Al B: 	Yes , same brew 
Al B: 	Oh, about 8 months or so 
N8: 	I'm not getting the syrup thing so much now.
SteveG: Do you think the sweet cherry has emerged more since then?
N8: 	More of the tartness from the cherries and funky-bugs.
tedj: 	in the fermenter or in bottles
SteveG: Well, the cheery pie character is certainly more dominent
SteveG: Good burp...
SteveG: through the shuffling madness Im locomotive breath!
Al B: 	Jethro!
N8: 	What's the OG on this AL, and the FG?
SteveG: You know N8, the cherry syrup character may be fading as you said
SteveG: Im starting to struggle to find it
N8: 	Of course it is.
Al B: 	well its a blend - 1064 for all 
N8: 	A blend of several beer?
Al B: 	final was ........crap don't remember 
SteveG: Damn - to late for me to take a reading!!
SteveG: Got a tube right here - but no flanders red!
N8: 	Well next time you'll just have to do that first.
SteveG: Yep, definately flip flopped this one!
Al B: 	not if its gushing 
N8: 	No I guess not.
SteveG: Isnt that ironic...?
SteveG: I was the only one to get an under carbed beer from N8...
Al B: 	Crud, the mailman shook that sucker ....or the dog
SteveG: ...then he was the only one to get a gusher from you!
N8: 	Wonder who's next..
SteveG: Hey, Im going to go rinse...
SteveG: BTW, I have to start doing a few small bottles too. These sizes are great for multi-brew swap nights
N8: 	Yea they are. They would have been nice for the BW swap. Man, I was lit after that second round.
tedj: 	Al well done this is very drinkable
N8: 	Second!
Al B: 	Thanks Ted 
Al B: 	I owe you another N8!
N8: 	When did you add the cherries?
N8: 	another gusher?
SteveG: Yes, been a fan of this one too.
N8: 	;)
Al B: 	Secondary - gotta look that up when - maybe MAy 
SteveG: May?
SteveG: When did you pick the cherries?
Al B: 	whoops make that June 
N8: 	We are going to a club barrel Flanders Red similar to this. Then add cherries to it after about 6 months.
SteveG: Ah, that makes more sense!
Al B: 	That should be fun
SteveG: OK, anyone want to pop the beer from our poor departed Chet?
tedj: 	we need to refill our barrels too but haven't organized enough yet
N8: 	Yea, but damn, I feel bad with him not here.
N8: 	Any way to call him or something?
Al B: 	second that 
SteveG: Anyone have his number?
tedj: 	check the board and see if he posted again
N8: 	Not unless it's on the mailing stuff. Hold On I'll go look.
SteveG: OK - one minute...
tedj: 	is the New Belgian bottle from chet?  what's in it
N8: 	There's a number on the mailing label but it's from the Inta-Copy place. I doubt that would be his home.
N8: 	The one I have from Chet says Raison Brett on the cap.
SteveG: Looks like he gave up trying
Al B: 	I thought he said it was a Blackened raison boubon barrel brett dubbel !!!!!
N8: 	It's not  a NB bottle, though.
SteveG: Damn shame, he is an insane man. A great swap guy
tedj: 	i got the r brett on a different bottle
SteveG: Once sent a beer that he boiled for 15 hours!
N8: 	Think I got that one, Steve.
SteveG: He trys the most out there things!
N8: 	Very rich, too say the least.
SteveG: OK, we all on his beer?
N8: 	Yep. I agree.
Al B: 	Ok , 
tedj: 	ok
SteveG: Biggest head of the night but light for a dubbel... fruity aroma, nice!
N8: 	ok, gush towel in place, now i'm ready...
Al B: 	Very big head I concurrr
SteveG: Damn, wish he was here. I want to ask him something!
SteveG: Maybe I should spin "Wish you were here"!
tedj: 	mine not so big
SteveG: Mine was medim but I really worked it
N8: 	Nice head. Second the WYWH disc..
SteveG: N8, guess the currewnt record...
SteveG: hint...
SteveG: Eggs, omlettes, pancakes, bacon
Al B: 	Dryness, tannins, clean, alcohol 
tedj: 	get the dubbel in the nose
SteveG: The flavor reminds me of something interesting...
SteveG: comments on the flavor?
tedj: 	kind of tart on the sides of the tounge
SteveG: anyone get a bit of sour cherry?
tedj: 	the sour but not cheery
N8: 	Maybe I'll email him and see if he will call..
SteveG: Oh, comon ... its kinda happy!
Al B: 	I get fruit - but not toom uch  
N8: 	There is a tarteness on the side of the tongue.
N8: 	A good bit of alcohol.
tedj: 	the blackened fruit floats around it it
Al B: 	That tartness may be due to something in the wood? 
tedj: 	not physically but the flavor
SteveG: I think he used liquid candy syrup
N8: 	Or could it be from the blackened raisons?
SteveG: boiled for a long time
N8: 	I haven't used raisons in a brew, don't know the impact.
tedj: 	i get the syrup in the nose not as much in taste
Al B: 	That I don't get much of - but if its was boiled long .....
SteveG: It was something we discovered in the LCS swap...
SteveG: when you boil the stuff for 45 minutes or more it takes on a cherry character
N8: 	There's some tobacco in the finish that reminds me of a good Partagas cigar.
tedj: 	there you go
N8: 	A robusto.
SteveG: Ya know, this could not miss being a dubbel more, but its a real fine drink
tedj: 	now i'm getting some of the bourbon
SteveG: A great example of a really enjoyable beer that would get killed in competition
N8: 	Yea, I'm not getting much dubbel out of it, but this would be really ice with a big dark cigar.
Al B: 	As it warms ......some bourbon more sourness- really neat 
N8: 	Ah right, bourbon. That might be where the dark fruit and tobacco are coming from
SteveG: I think a cigar would kill it. Its delightful but I think too small for smoke
SteveG: I think this would be a great beer for food
N8: 	light weight..
N8: 	:)D
SteveG: Tell that to my bathroom scale!!
Al B: 	:p 
N8: 	I don't even want to think about talkijng to anything in your bathroom.
tedj: 	how about brett?
SteveG: A wise man this biologist!
SteveG: I dont really get a lot of funk here
N8: 	Neither do I.
Al B: 	Now that seems alusive 
N8: 	perhaps the brett is an after-the0fact addition to the bottling?
SteveG: Actually I dont get a lot of bourbon either, I think thast might be what I am reading as a cherry
N8: 	what's that AL?
tedj: 	not alot of the taste but bourbon alcohol dryness on the tongue
Al B: 	I mean - no brett either 
N8: 	I agree Ted, there is more of the astringent type of thing with the borbon
N8: 	more than the flavor.
SteveG: Well - my big question here would be the source of the fruity character
Al B: 	Tannins yes 
SteveG: Cool lyric...
tedj: 	do think it was a barrel or oak soaked in bourbon, no char
N8: 	I'm not getting much char if there is any.
SteveG: some the do and some they dont and some you just cant tell. And some they will and some they wont
	and some is just as well!
Al B:  	or perhaps the blackening of the raisins
tedj: 	huh
N8: 	wonder how many takes it took to get that right on the recording???
SteveG: Another mention of raisin, he posted that he did this?
SteveG: I remember a thread a while back talking about blacking raisins
Al B: 	Yeah, I called it a BRBBB dubbel!
Al B: 	Oh yeah that too 
N8: 	That's right, Al. I rememember that now.
N8: 	Funny.
SteveG: OK, he may have made this quiote a while ago...
tedj: 	using the pizza port method to blacken?
Al B: 	He was cooking 
N8:	Pizza port is deglazed with port.
N8: 	I don't know if Chet did that or not.
SteveG: Oh, maybe not that long ago. The thread was just last March
N8: 	Have you ever seen them do a batch of the deglazed raisons for the saison?>
N8: 	Really cool.
SteveG: How so?
tedj: 	no got to go back
SteveG: how do they do it?
Al B: 	curious for a saison
N8: 	They use a giant pan about three feet diameter out on the side of the building where anyone can watch.
	quite the spectacle.
SteveG: I'll tell ya, it would not shock me if port was involved here
SteveG: Cool!!
N8: 	Did ya hear that Tomme is starting up a Belgian style brewery?
Al B: 	Whoa, where do I sign up?
SteveG: Whoa, is this new?
N8: 	Don't have much specifics, but it should be nice.
tedj: 	yea we had three of the beers so far
SteveG: Is this rumor?
N8: 	Really!!!!
SteveG: what???
N8: 	Where did you get them?
Al B: 	What the hey 
SteveG: Al - BTW Ted is just down in Philly!!
tedj: 	no, Lost Abbey in the old Stone brewery
N8: 	That's Tomme's I think.
SteveG: Oh, is Lost Abbey the Belgian style brewery?
tedj: 	Rick & Jeanne were in San Diego and pick them up
N8: 	Ok, that's it.
SteveG: Ah - yeahg theres been buzz about that
SteveG: Didnt realize it was Belgian style...
tedj: 	Brought them to our monday nite tasting 
N8: 	Couldn't remember the name.
SteveG: ...kinda make ya want to say "duh"
N8: 	http://www.lostabbey.com/
SteveG: Should have connected Lost Abbey with Belgian!
Al B: 	Well yeeeeeeah
N8: 	That's right, the "Angel's Share" was just released.
SteveG: Neat site, I'll give it more time later...
tedj: 	Couldn't get that one 
SteveG: Who'd almost done with Chets?
Al B: 	done 
tedj: 	close enough
N8: 	Am I slow?
SteveG: Im_empty 
Al B: 	just pour it on the floor !
N8: 	Well, I'll catch up.
SteveG: Well N8, I didnt want to say anything...
SteveG: *evil* 
N8: 	Yea, I'm special... in a short bus kinda way..
SteveG: OK, quick rinse, I need to hit the keg. Porter inm next then Teds big boy!
N8: 	Steve's is next?
N8: 	Was just reading about the Angaels' Share...
N8: 	This striking Strong Ale is brewed with copious amounts of Caramel malt to emphasize the vanilla
	and oak flavors found in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. The beer spends almost six months in oak
	before it is packaged for release. The beer is 10.0% ABV and
SteveG: OK ... wow
N8: 	sounds tasty.
SteveG: I need to connect with someone for this stuff
SteveG: paging Dr. Bill!!
N8: 	Same here. Was just emailing my distributor friend to see about getting some.
Al B: 	sound like a Curioux ??
tedj: 	we had the adant garde, red barn and lost & found abbey.  all good
SteveG: The concept is similar to Curioux, but I bet Tommes will be different
Al B: 	eceprt for the caramel 
N8: 	I've got a bottle of the Curioux, but haven;t tried it yet.
SteveG: Go for it N8, I'll hook you up with another
Al B: 	You need an Odessey too
N8: 	Tomme and Rob are really close friends, so I bet they have similar beers just from talking about them.
tedj: 	i got one too but tried someoneelse's.
SteveG: I hope my porter survive bottling. Sending draft beer can be a crap shoot
Al B: 	ok here goes
SteveG: No gushers gaurenteed!
tedj: 	absolutely not, but what are the little "teeth" around the rim?
Al B: 	this is reaallly good - wood was what /
N8: 	OMG!!!! It hit the ceiling!!!!! What the hell is in that???!!?
SteveG: Its a miracle!!!
N8: 	*evil* 
SteveG: Ted ... teeth?
Al B: 	the dog got to it!
N8: 	It survived just fine, Steve.
SteveG: You mean there is a pattern on the bottle srim?
tedj: 	like some thing dried under the cap
N8: 	Capping on foam, I'm sure,
SteveG: Oh - that doesnt sound good.
SteveG: OK, that sounds better
N8: 	Nothing to worry about,
tedj: 	rubs off
N8: 	Dried beer.
SteveG: Phew!
tedj: 	back to the beer
SteveG: Just add water!
tedj: 	wow a real dry streak in the mide of the flavor
SteveG: This beer was actually the result of a swap
N8: 	How So?
SteveG: I learned about cold mashing from Rich Link
SteveG: Totally change my dark beer brewing
N8: 	Ah, cold mashing. Great technique.
SteveG: Theres no going back!
N8: 	I' use it all the time.
tedj: 	need to look into it
SteveG: Now so do I, wouldnt make a dark beer any other way
Al B: 	The cold mashing of dark grains definetely is the way to go
SteveG: Ted, its great and easy
Al B: 	did the same for my smoked porter this year
SteveG: BTW, its cold like cold fusion is cold
SteveG: Its really room temp mashing
N8: 	It eleminates the bite of the dark malts from mashing.
SteveG: oh yes
tedj: 	so it doesn'r work?
Al B: 	Right on.
SteveG: brings out the chocolate
SteveG: Still got like half a keg of this stuff
Al B: 	reduces the astringency + harshness, more smooth
SteveG: absolutely
N8: 	chu gotit, main.
tedj: 	i see that, and the bottling from keg didn't hurt the flavor not getting oxidation, just low carb
SteveG: Ted - IMO its the single best thing you can do to improve your dark beers
Al B: 	N8 - wha? 
SteveG: Aw Al, you dont speak "street"?
N8: 	unless you're brewing a dark Belgian, then you would want to add dark candy syrup..
SteveG: Right - I mean in the case of dark grains.
tedj: 	i've start that
SteveG: Oh, have to plug JimK too
Al B: 	not my street I reckon 
SteveG: He turned me onto karaffe special II
N8: 	..grew up in Texass
SteveG: They make a version of German Karaffe that is also way less intense
tedj: 	ok how about the wood?  not getting it
N8: 	is that specal II like Special B?
Al B: 	beer to complex 
SteveG: No, its real, real dark, but not as bitter nasty as karaffe
tedj: 	spec II is dehusked isn't
Al B: 	Haven't used that alias yet...... 
SteveG: Ted, I have to admit the wood is fading a bit
SteveG: Oh - yes Ted, I think thats true
N8: 	It's got  a pleasant smokiness to it.
SteveG: Maybe thats why is less intense
Al B: 	Well stoke up the keg with few more logs!
SteveG: For a while this was VERY woody
Al B: 	:D 
N8: 	smoked malt?
N8: 	or just from the wood, etc.?
tedj: 	as it warms i'm getting a touch as long as I stop concentrating on the roast.
SteveG: Jeez, I have to admit. I am not longer picking up wood. I swear you still could by October 28th
	(Halloween Saturday)
N8: 	OK, specs. OG,FG, et al.
tedj: 	did the wood get throw in the Halloween fire?
Al B: 	We should randalize it with wood!!!!
SteveG: roselare
N8: 	Dood, now you're talking, Al.
SteveG: OG 1.075
Al B: 	Roeselare??!?!
SteveG: orry, a pasting anomoly
N8: 	Yea, really. Roselare??!?!
SteveG: Let me pourt a sample into the tube ... stand by...
SteveG: no Roselare, pasting did not work as expected
N8: 	uh oh, spelling is starting to slip.
Al B: 	Spaz
tedj: 	does he pour all his beer in the tube? why not a glass
Al B: 	spas 
N8: 	lol 
N8: 	In college I used to go to all the parties with a 1 L graduated cylinder.
N8: 	Quite the pick up line...
tedj: 	and that got you what?
N8: 	lovin', baby!!
tedj: 	guess that where i went wrong
N8: 	I used it as a beer glass.
N8: 	We would startout the night saying" how much beer will it take to get N8 drunk"? then loose track
	somewhere down the road.
Al B: 	Steve, Nina took your baltic porter from me, she likes it 
Al B: 	So what yeast was it??
N8: 	He must be still looking for a tube.
tedj: 	taste a lot like the smoke sparerib that Frank brought for lunch today.  good
N8: 	There is definetly a smokiness going on.
N8: 	I don't typically like smoked beers, but this is good.
SteveG: K, Im back ... as for yeast ...
Al B: 	I don't get the smoke as much . 
tedj: 	when you put smoke in, i don't like it.  but if it gets smoke from the malt or yeast scottish then i like it
Al B: 	Check - now I see 
SteveG: Wow, didnt write it down. Sloppy. Should be WL Oktoberfest yeast
N8: 	I think I'm there wit you Ted.
SteveG: No smoke BTW
SteveG: A normal Baltic with oak beans
N8: 	oak beans?
SteveG: record change!!
SteveG: Sorry - little cubes
Al B: 	beans, the more you eat, the more you .... 
N8: 	Are those like the magicbeans from Jack>
tedj: 	they grow on oak vines
N8: 	What's on now Steve??
SteveG: Amiee...what you gonna do....
SteveG: OK, TG not low...
SteveG: looks like 1.022
N8: 	Not too bad for a 1.075 brew?
N8: 	whoops on the ?
SteveG: Not bad. Todays homebrew standard seems to be pretty low though
N8: 	standars shmandards.
SteveG: Loads of stuff under 1.010
SteveG: I'll tell you though, I started knocing on the door of Ofest when I stopped thinking real
	low finishing
SteveG: Made an Ofest with this yeast just before this beer
N8: 	How did that turn out?
SteveG: I think Ofest is  a real hard beer. Im getting close, and not going too dry is critical IMO
SteveG: So many just taste like a copper ale or something
N8:	So this might be strange, but I keep thinking " smoked ham" when I take a sip of Steves beer.
	Is that wrong? 
SteveG: Not if youre eating smoked ham!
N8: 	I mean that in a nice way.
tedj: 	I'm not getting it
N8: 	It's a great beer, don't get me wrong....
SteveG: You know, I think the oak is still in there but blended. It no longer reveals itslef as oak
SteveG: I think Ted was right, where'd it go??
SteveG: Its in there, but its something else now
tedj: 	I think thats true, due to the heavy roasted
N8: 	I'm not trying to make joke this time, believe it, or not, but that's what keeps coming to mind.
SteveG: thats fine, really!
SteveG: I dont get smoke, but I get more than dark grains and oak
N8: 	Maybe that's why I'm liking the smokiness that the beer has.
tedj: 	ditto
Al B: 	Whoa, whta happened 
N8: 	you don't get a smoked quality??
SteveG: Maybe thats cause it isnt really smoke, just something you associate as similar
N8: 	time /space continuam.
tedj: 	slight phenolic
Al B: 	I just had a communication breakdown , where are we? 
SteveG: I can say there is nothing in here that has touched smoke. But dark grains can have that same phenolic
	character, then you add wood...
N8: 	phenolic? I'm not really getting any of tat.
N8: 	2047, Al.
SteveG: Well, being dehusked that woulkd be minimized. 
tedj: 	not the bad pheno but the smoky kind which is good
Al B: 	Dang, that lambic is out there by now
N8: 	I see.
SteveG: Yes, so how bout that Jupiter manned mission launched yesterday??
N8: 	Yea, we should break one open, and see where it's at, Al.
Al B: 	I got booted off, I'm empty now
SteveG: Did I mention that now Im 90??
N8: 	Damn, that's a hell 9of a tax.
SteveG: Well, 88
Al B: 	explains the halloween face!
SteveG: young whipersnapers!!
N8: 	Dude, Steve, you ned to teleport to my Dr. I'm back to 21, now.
SteveG: Hey, excuse me for 2 minutes, Im going to boil some water to make dinner. Ready to move onto Mr
	J in like 2 minutes
SteveG: N8, if you were would you have typed "ned"??
SteveG: whipersnapper!!
tedj: 	Al Debbie like the flemish red
Al B: 	Whaaaaat!?!?! Ok wee break before wee heavy 
Al B: 	Cool ! I have another batch going !! 
tedj: 	Keep it going
N8: 	Al, Marni is mad that there is a stain on the carpet from your beer. 
N8: 	I said it was your fault.
tedj: 	You have the wrong color carpet
N8: 	she can't do anything to you.
Al B: 	crap.  
N8: 	yea, it wasn't Flanders Red color..
N8: 	It's more of a Pilsner color.
N8: 	Not my choice...
tedj: 	not very burgundian in your decorating
N8: 	I think it's a built in baby sitter..
N8: 	in case she goes out of town.
SteveG: Al - you home wrecker!!
N8: 	making sure I don't have some big blow out party.
SteveG: Im_empty 
SteveG: OK, wee heavy time of the night?
Al B: 	I SAID CRAP. Ah well, blame it on the dog 
N8: 	Not that I've EVER done that..
tedj: 	ust send him more beer so he can finish the dye job
SteveG: Al - that what he did!!!
SteveG: you dog!
N8: 	like I would waste it on the flippin carpet.
tedj: 	ok wee heavy time
Al B: 	That reminds me of a story....a sordid story.....
SteveG: does it involve you as a voodoo man?
N8: 	Pop_it! 
SteveG: pop_the_cap! 
SteveG: OK, the nights caronation king!
tedj: 	whoa pour carefully
SteveG: Even a tad rocky, nice!
Al B: 	looks good here 
N8: 	You need to add a big ass belch to the sounds list, Steve.
SteveG: I do
Al B: 	like barney from da simpsosns
SteveG: Ha!
SteveG: Actually there could be a lot of Barney stuff here!
SteveG: Hey Al, Annes getting the new vehicle tonight!
N8: 	Damn, another fickin gisher. At least I had the towel ready this time.
SteveG: Now way!?
SteveG: Mine poured great
Al B: 	Bourbon barrel indeed. I confess that I haven't had alot of Scottish ales - I like this.  
SteveG: best of the night
tedj: 	this was a group effort, 10 guys to fill the boubon barrel as the secondary.  the barrel was
	previously used for a Russ Imp Stout.
SteveG: Wow, all with the same beer style?
N8: 	Great head, but not much beer in this pour, except what's all over the 'puter.
N8: 	Luckily, Marni didn't see.
Al B: 	Barometric pressure must be way off out there in OR
SteveG: Ha!
tedj: 	All with the same recipe, most all grain but some extract.  shot for 1.090
N8: 	You'd be on the shit list right along with Al..
SteveG: Man, this is nice
SteveG: Group effortds amaze me
SteveG: Ted, do you have any of yours pre-blend?
N8: 	I'm still waiting for the head to subside. This is amazing at the  staying power of this foam.
SteveG: Have to say, mine is just right
tedj: 	I have one more bottle on mine.
SteveG: How do you feel it compares?
Al B: 	I could do a few of these this winter. 
N8: 	Did you all bottle together, or split things up
tedj: 	Only filled two and finished last winter .  waiting for Christmas party
N8: 	then bottle seperatley
SteveG: Ted, is it your Christmas party?\
tedj: 	The BUZZ club party at Iron Hill WC in Dec.
SteveG: Ah - got the flavor
SteveG: been trying to nail it. Does anyone pick out a specific fruit here?
N8: 	Wow, very nice. But I must say, I get more of a dubbel style more than a Wee Heavy.
tedj: 	Empty barrel in to kegs and some left in kegs and others bottled later
N8: 	Yes, it reminds me of a beer I had in Belgium, but am blanking on the name just now.
SteveG: No - I mean is there a specific fruit you associate with this? There is for me.
tedj: 	Most did a alot of carmelizing in the kettle.  I fired up burner before I started run off.
SteveG: OK, nobody is biting so I'll just blurt it out...
N8: 	Really? Care to explain? That sounds intersting.
Al B: 	I don't have a fruit , very barley wine - like. Speaking of Belgian - have ya had the Prestige
	yet from scaldis?
SteveG: Sunday I did my annual pressing of my neighbors pears
N8: 	Whoa Steve..
N8: 	hold on.
SteveG: I aged them a few weeks to soften them up, they took on a very different character as a result
tedj: 	I think the final gravity was a bit high, so some sweetness
Al B: 	What?@!?! youre doin PERRY? 
N8: 	I*) 
SteveG: Just Sunday I had my face in three gallons of particularly rich pear cider
Al B: 	:p 
SteveG: sure man, I always do perry! 3 gallons.
Al B: 	You dirty dog
SteveG: Sometimnes it sucks. This year was great though
N8: 	Is that a new way of innoculation?
tedj: 	Is the Prestige worth it?
N8: 	Prewstige is good.
Al B: 	good question, I havene't had it yet - i do have 2 bottles though (and it better be!)
N8: 	It's a good aging beer.
Al B: 	Perfect
SteveG: anyway, if not for Sundays activities I would never have seen pear here. But I cant mistake it right now
N8: 	There have been a few I thought were a bit under attenuated, but for the most part they are a beer
	to put up in your cellar.
SteveG: I have a bottle of  Prestige Jeremy gave me before it was imported
Al B: 	My face is going numb 
N8: 	Well, I have a bottle of a un solicited bottle of gueze from Frank Boone.
tedj: 	I'm still sitting on the Deus that I got in Belgian supermarket for 10 euro a year ago
N8: 	His special reserve.
N8: 	Oh crap, isn't that great! I did the same thing. brought back botle of Malheur 12 for 5 Euro.
N8: 	Same with Deus, but I liked the MAlheur brut better.\
N8: 	I'm going to try to make that this spring.
N8: 	Anyone try to do a brut beer?
tedj: 	had the malheur and liked a lot
SteveG: Made a quick run - N8, Frank Boon??
SteveG: no shit?
Al B: 	Ted, this Heavy will be a great desert beer 
tedj: 	see the article in Zymurgy on brut?  may try it
Al B: 	I saw an article recently in a mag on Brut beers 
N8: 	You sawthe pics of us in the Boon brewery? We had a special tour then at the end he pulled out a special
	reserve from "barrel 86" which is his baby.
Al B: 	Yeah , that it 
tedj: 	thanks, i just hope the carb is done.  
N8: 	There is an older BYO that did a brut recipe. I thought it was better at explaining the process.
SteveG: N8 - the special 86, what is it?
SteveG: His 86 MP Framboise wa just beautiful
N8: 	It's the oldest barrel in his brewery. Built in 1886. He said anything that comes out of it is
	going to be special, as in his personal beer barrel.
SteveG: Oh - 1886!!
SteveG: Mine was the 1986!
SteveG: so what is it?
N8: 	Most of his aging barrels are very old.
N8: 	It's a gueze.
SteveG: makes sense
N8: 	A very fliping good gueze.
Al B: 	N8 - yer killin' me man, My condolences to Marni for the carpet
SteveG: did he share some with you beside the gift bottle?
tedj: 	no doubt
SteveG: Brewer Bob? Who you be?
Al B: 	Brewer Bob !?!?! Howdy 
N8: 	There is a picture from the the Belgium newspaper with me sipping on his gueze.
SteveG: Were all brewers
N8: 	Yo Bob!!
SteveG: I saw the shot taken with the 5 US brewing giants there
N8: 	I was one of the giants..
N8: 	he he he
Brewer bob: I'm a new guy. Brewing for several years and going pro this month.
SteveG: Man N8, how did you worm your way into that crowd??
N8: 	Is this Bob G?
SteveG: Excuse me for 2 minutes...
Al B: 	Where Bob? 
N8: 	I'm cool like dat, teve.
N8: 	Steve.
Brewer bob: No. Bob S. from Florida.
N8: 	Oh, ok, different Bob.
N8: 	Good on ya, FL needs some frickin beer.
tedj: 	Bob did you bring beer?
Al B: 	Ditto on the florida beer 
N8: 	pee break..
Al B: 	Best of luck on yer adventures, whatcha brewin' lately ? 
Brewer bob: Always on hand. I have a saison bottled with B. Brux and a dubble with home cooked candy sugar .
Al B: 	Have you tried liquid candy syrup? 
N8: 	Have you posted on BBB homebrew forum?
N8: 	Thoise beers sound yummy.
Brewer bob: Yes. Economics drove me to experiment and I ended up with a great product. Very dark and carmelized.
	The carmelization carries over to the fermented product.
N8: 	caramelized cany sugar?
N8: 	candy
Al B: 	That is key, I enjoy carmelizing suagrs 
Brewer bob: I posted once about two or three months ago regarding the fear of temperature most US brewers have.
N8: 	are you addingit at the end of the boil?
N8: 	fermentation temps?
Brewer bob: I add in the last 10 minutes.
N8: 	that does seemto be a worry. But they are n't Belgian yeasts.
Al B: 	Dang. I'm slowin' down on tTeds huge brew. ANd there still a BW to go...
N8: 	*evil* 
SteveG: Back, had to make a quick dinner...
tedj: 	Bob, Wish we could share with you the five beers we've been tasting since 7:30
N8: 	Damn, that's scarfin.
N8: 	I ain't sharin' nothin..
N8: 	but if I had another bottle.
SteveG: Man, I cant believe I've been doing this so long and its just 9:48
Brewer bob: Anyone a fan of Kerst Pater. Is it available yet this year?
Al B: 	Ok where are we in dis swamp thing
tedj: 	BW
Al B: 	Right
tedj: 	that must be in the new belgian bottle, only one left
N8: 	You're wanting to open the BW? If so, I'll have to go get one.
SteveG: You guys are popping a barley wine?
N8: 	It's the one I sent ,Steve.
SteveG: A, a 7 ozer. Actually Im saving that for someone
N8: 	It's not wood aged, it's just a bonus beer, but I'm your Huckleberry if you want to pop it open
SteveG: Bob, cant say I know the beer
Al B: 	I like da Witkap Pater 
SteveG: Well, I need mine to rekindle a friends confidence in US bw production
Brewer bob: Same folks that bring us Witkap. It's thier Christmas beer. Dark and dry, with a slight sour tang.
	Great stuff!
tedj: 	I went for it Nate, neat nose
tedj: 	not english, what are the hops?
SteveG: Wow, firefox is pissin me off
Al B: 	I passed the first test.....I didn't go blind 
SteveG: N8 just convinced me one more beer is the right thing to do...
N8: 	hold on, I've got to look it up.
tedj: 	a touch of citrus but almost more of a citrus peeal rather than hops in the flavor
N8: 	cascade, centenial, chinook, crystal
tedj: 	i guess it is the hops
Al B: 	This BW is outstanding. Great blending of hops - that something I need to develop myself 
SteveG: pop_the_cap! 
N8: 	We do an annual version.
SteveG: OK, one more album ... dedicated to Chet
Al B: 	Bye Bob, nice guy 
N8: 	this year was MO, golden naked oats, rye, and crystal 40.
tedj: 	do you change it like SN? or not
N8: 	We keep to the same idea, but it has small changes every year.
N8: 	Bob left?
SteveG: So it would seem
N8: 	Strange.
tedj: 	how much rye, works well.  gives it a different edge 
N8: 	Are there people that pop in on this regularly, Steve?
SteveG: Maybe FL has ABV limits!!
N8: 	8% rye
SteveG: Once or twice a week someone pops in and out
Al B: 	This is perfect for me. I would never have guessed rye
N8: 	The one Steve tried in the BW swap had 15% rye,
SteveG: I get a transcript mailed to me of all activity.
SteveG: One day a brother and sister from south america used the place to coordinate a trip home!
N8: 	Really? I 'll have to pop in every few minutes, just to try to clog your email..
SteveG: Ah ... I remember this bw!
SteveG: That be great!!
N8: 	This is the '05, Steve, the one youhad, was the '04.
N8: 	This is it's younger sister.
SteveG: Gotta tell ya, I see a similarity
N8: 	or brother.
SteveG: well, no pineapple this time
SteveG: big hop brightness though
N8: 	No columbus hops on this one.
SteveG: I think there are more similarities than differences, what do you think?
N8: 	everything else is pretty much the same.
tedj: 	coming back to a citrus peel, interesting 
SteveG: I was going to say, doesnt give me that "go out and discover the new world" hankerin'!
tedj: 	no stay home and drink some
SteveG: Well, 7 oz worth!
N8: 	The differenes are that I reduced the rye by half, replaced it with Golden Naked Oats, and there are
	no Columbus hops. The two yeasts are the same.
Al B: 	Wait a minute....flashback....no wood here right?  
SteveG: Man, this dedication album just rocks
N8: 	This not  wood beer, Al. It was just a bonus beer I added 
Al B: 	Love Columbus hops myself
N8: 	What dediation?
SteveG: N8, not get racey, but what makes oats "naked"?
SteveG: To Chet
N8: 	no husk?
SteveG: Wish you were here
tedj: 	M8 where did the concept come from? homegrown?
SteveG: Are they malted?
SteveG: Ha!
SteveG: Yes, I get kind of a "grassy" character!
N8: 	OK< I think I'll have to switch to that album. I've been listening to Dead Can Dance.
Al B: 	N8 - And you'll be gettin' some bonus beers back (gushers or no gushers)
SteveG: N8, what album?
tedj: 	wrap them in carpet
N8: 	Concept? Well, if there was one, it was just that me and my asist. brewer love big hoppy barley wines,
	and wanted to brew our own personal favorite.. Big malt, Big hops.
tedj: 	oats and rye?
N8: 	why not?
tedj: 	very good idea from where I'm sitting
SteveG: But like the 04, the malt is really just a foundation for hop expression
N8: 	pretty much, Steve
SteveG: nice twist
tedj: 	I like the hops but the extras make it special
SteveG: Ummm, while I was gone I made seared rare marinated tuna with soy, ginger demiglaze and rice noodles.
	Just finished. Life kicks ass
N8: 	I'm listening to a live recording that we recorded at a recenr show we went to, Sept 18th ,'05 Steve.
SteveG: neat!
SteveG: Bootleg?
N8: 	Well, sort of.
SteveG: you rapscallion!
N8: 	We had permission to plug into the sound board.
SteveG: Im tuening you in! Of course you could buy me off with beer.
SteveG: Danm! Permission! no beer
N8: 	They bought us beer.
SteveG: Wow, I really lost my bargining power!!
N8: 	Being a sound engineer and making contacts has it's pluses.
Al B: 	Steve, did you go see those clowns in batmen costumes, whats that band name ......BB bats or something. 
N8: 	at least used to being a sound engineer.
SteveG: Ah, Aquabats!!
N8: 	That would be the Aquabats.
SteveG: Love those guys.
Al B: 	yes!! 
SteveG: 40 something 10 year olds!
N8: 	pretty much
SteveG: The ultimate in immature rock n roll
SteveG: My first mosh pit experience
N8:	This BW isn't as good as the first on. Maybe it needs to age some more,
SteveG: Boy did that smell bad
Al B: 	Oh wait, BB bats are old time taffy candy  
SteveG: Al ?
Al B: 	nevermind
SteveG: They dress up like super heros and do songs called 
SteveG: "Pizza day"...
N8: 	Oh, we did boil dow the first two gallons of runoff down to about 1/2 gallon.
SteveG: and about making giant friendly robots to defend from a giant floating eye from space
N8: 	then added it to the main boil.
SteveG: Man are we on different topics!!
N8: 	not at all.
SteveG: Now Im frightened!
tedj: 	I think you'll lose too much of the hops with more age.  drink now  
SteveG: Right. A lesson from Bigfoot
Al B: 	Better yet, I'll drink it now 
N8: 	maybe, maybe not, Ted. I've got a few bottles of previous years versiona that are just as hoppy. in
SteveG: Hops may help with aging, but they are not necessarily survivors
N8: 	The one we tried for the BW swap was still quite hoppy, don't you think Steve?
SteveG: Oh yes
SteveG: But not directly, in yuor face hoppy. It turned into something far more interesting
SteveG: A symphoney of hop expression
N8: 	I've got bottles of ones we did in years prior to the '04 that are just as hoppy. But we did hop the
	bejezus out of them.
Al B: 	Duhhh, just passin' by .....duuuuuueh. 
SteveG: Well, turns out with bigfoot 8ish years is its range before its takes a step back
N8: 	I just don't have enough bottles to send our for swaps and still save many for years to come...
N8: 	8 years, that's interesting. Where did you come by those numbers?
N8: 	Al, you still with us?
SteveG:	An estimation...
tedj: 	I agree with 8, had good results there.  a few outliers. 1998
Al B: 	oh yeah , I'm back 
SteveG: Out east a few of us began collecting aging beers mid 90s
SteveG: Bifoot wqas a primary target
SteveG: But in time it proved to age less than expected
tedj: 	drank all of mine starting over
N8: 	Got ya beat. I've got a '89 Samischlaus.
SteveG: this has come up on the BBB
SteveG: '89?  oooh, Im scared!
N8: 	A guy in our club has Sami back to '86, the inception.
SteveG: Is '89 the best you can do?
tedj: 	had 77 Courage Russian Imperial recently. sucked
Al B: 	I'm currently saving JW LEes - one from 86 
N8: 	Nope, My Sami clone is the best.
SteveG: I cracked an 83 courage RIS at my last psycho party
tedj: 	and
N8: 	that's it?!?
SteveG: Thats OK Al, I have a few from 86
SteveG: Uhoh...
Al B: 	good 
SteveG: K N8, raisng the stakes?
N8:  	I tasted a '35 Burton beer last summer.
Al B: 	whaaa
SteveG: Well...OK. Plum out of pre WWII beer!!
N8: 	brewed in '35 aged in a barrel until 56, then bottled.
SteveG: Sounds like a Bill Coleman beer
SteveG: He has popped stuff from the 30s before
SteveG: All mine is post me dating girls!
N8: 	It sold on eBay for $350. I wasn't the sucker to pay for it. I was just in the right place and the
	right time to drink it.
Al B: 	Well, thats the last straw!! I'll just cryo-freeze everything including myself until 3000
N8: 	just give me the key to your locker , Al, just in case....
SteveG: Great Al. Then humanity will be holistic and beyond alcohol consumption!
tedj: 	hope not
SteveG: Then they'll look into records and see my header with you as a voodoo guy!
N8: 	There are beers that have been brought up from shp wrecks. I just haven't been able to get ahold
	of any of them.
SteveG: But thats OK, Im sure by 3000 they will have a humanitarian way to burn you  at the stake!
Al B: 	Yeah It'll be like the Flick "sleeper" We''l l all have an ORB instead of beer
N8: 	hey come up on eBay on occasion.
SteveG: Well, still. $350 is a brainless amount to pay for any beer
SteveG: OK, 10:30 here, need to detoxify before bedtime
N8: 	Well, It's a friend of mine that searches out old beers 
SteveG: N8, you rock getting home early enought to start at 7:15EST
N8: 	he just decided to open one of them. He has a few cases of these '35 beers.
SteveG: I respect that - if your independantrly wealthy
SteveG: A few cases??
SteveG: whoa
Al B: 	I'm over + out. Thanks again all fer great brews!!!! 
SteveG: Al, first swap. Fun?
N8: 	No, he's from California. That's all I got to say about that....
tedj: 	Thanks all I did enjoy the brews, My first also
SteveG: Sorry N8, didnt know! That splains it all!
N8: 	Cheers & Beers everyone.
Al B: 	Skol 
SteveG: Ted, first for you too!
tedj: 	yea good time
SteveG: Bye al!
N8: 	Good to know certain folks
N8: 	diner time here.
N8: 	it's only 19:30
SteveG: Yeah, just finishjed mine
Al B: 	Great. How do I log out?? 
SteveG: Time to go
N8: 	how long an I keep them hanging on????
SteveG: Al. close down the browser window
N8: 	Al, don't do it~!!!!!!!
SteveG: bye folks, another great one!
Al B: 	Daaaah, just passin' by Duuuuueehhhhh
N8: 	NO!!!!!!!
SteveG: N8 - enjoy solitary confinement!
N8: 	Usual>
N8: 	Frickin Flap-Doodle.!!!
N8: 	Stve, did you get that?
N8: 	I'm still here. 
N8: 	Brewer Bob?
N8: 	Al?
N8: 	Oh man, this isn't looking good.
N8: 	Hello?!?
N8: 	anybody
N8: 	I think I 'm running out of air
N8: 	Steve????
N8: 	Did you not add on the O2 addition??
N8: 	I think I hear angels singing.
N8: 	Marni?
N8: 	I can't see.
N8: 	kdfivbf;
N8: 	v b
N8: 	v XSDGvaer y
N8: 	....................