Time to go home, but still time for one final café. This one is out on the Aalst ring road, and thus is another slightly unlikely location for a super little café with over 100 beers on a decent list. 't Capucientje is a great locals bar, which was very busy on Sunday morning. They obviously go for, and get, the church crowd when they've finished worshipping next door, for it was an unusual mix of punters we saw in there that morning. Anyway, there was a lively atmosphere and this is another example of Aalst's many good drinking options.

With that, it was off to the station for the short trip to Brussels Midi, and by late afternoon we were back to London, back to reality, and, all too soon, back to work. But what a great week we'd just had - and not a hospital or broken tooth in sight!!

Photos: Brugge, Gent, Aalst and De Haan
Photos: De Gans, 't Kroegske and Heeren van Liedekercke
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Around Bruges in 80 Beers: 2nd Edition

Around London in 80 Beers

Around Brussels in 80 Beers

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