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Adam Mc
04/28/14 10:28 AM  
What fruit to add to this sour?
I brewed a Biere de Garde for a cable car clone, and had three gals of BdG left, decided to sour it. Recipe was 9lbs pale, 5 lbs vienna, 1 lb brown, and 1/4lb honey malt. I'd like to add fruit (dried or fresh) to the beer, it'd be my first time. Any recommendations on what to add?
Mike T
04/29/14 10:53 AM  
Re: What fruit to add to this sour?
Whatever fruit you like. Dried figs, currants, dates, raisins etc. could all be nice/subtle additions for a soured biere de garde. Brighter/fresher fruits could work as well. Any commercial fruit beers you are particularly fond of?
04/29/14 12:43 PM  
Re: What fruit to add to this sour?
Good suggestions from Mike T. For the BdG style, I also think grapes + oak can work very well. Just make sure to really control your temps during the secondary fermentation and don't over do the oak.

In general though if you're looking to experiment I would just try to find the freshest fruit available. I don't know where you are located, but in the Midwest, US right now selection is still somewhat limited. I really wanted to add peaches to a recent Berliner, but the only ones available right now are from Chile and are rather tasteless. I ended up going with Kumquats and pears just based on quality and I'm really happy with the outcome.
Adam Mc
04/29/14 12:45 PM  
Re: What fruit to add to this sour?
I've only had a few fruited commercial sours (availability/price...mainly price), so can't really say. I was thinking raisins, but would not be against any of the others. Any particular method of preparation?
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