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02/28/14 08:16 AM  
High FG Lambic
Just over a year ago I brewed a Lambic with ECY01. I used 30% unmalted wheat and a turbid mash. OG was 1.050. Last week I took my first gravity reading and was surprised that my gravity was only down to 1.012. I have the fermentors in my cellar which can go from the mid-70's in the summer to mid-50's in the winter. I'm guessing that the bugs didn't get there work done during the warm months and the cold put them to sleep. I want to rack about half onto fruit and bottle the other half. Should I wait for the weather to warm up and hopefully everything kicks back into gear? Suggestions welcome.
02/28/14 09:16 AM  
Re: High FG Lambic
I've had similar FG in lambic. I don't think that is too far off norm.
Gabe H
02/28/14 10:27 AM  
Re: High FG Lambic
I used ECY20 for a similar beer in December 2012 with similar fermentation conditions and it's about the same gravity right now.
02/28/14 08:59 PM  
Re: High FG Lambic
Great, that makes me feel better. I was assuming the bugs would take it into the low single digits.
Tony Perkins
03/15/14 10:30 AM  
Re: High FG Lambic
Another data point... I have a sour brown ale fermented with ECY20 that turned a year old today. 1.044 OG. I racked it 50 weeks ago, and it was at 1.014. Last night I checked it for the first time since racking, and it's at 1.012. I was surprised that it lost only two points in a year. I'm probably going to give it another couple of months and then bottle. The flavor is pretty nice.
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