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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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02/12/14 08:46 PM  
Pink dotted pellicle
Anyone ever get pink balls growing on their beer? I have seen lots of pellicles but never one like in my pictures http://imgur.com/97NwCMn http://imgur.com/7SAcIDJ The colour in the picture is way off, due to the flash I expect. It is a lambic ~8 months old, for sure coolshipped and likely ECY01 and possibly random bottle dregs as well. Sadly it somehow managed to be the only beer not in my beersmith files. So it is a double mystery.
02/13/14 08:31 PM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
Looks like you dumped some couscous into your fermenter.

Why coolship if you are using ECY01 and random bottle dregs?

The only pink I have experienced is in my bathroom around the drains.
02/13/14 09:52 PM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
It is such a damn slow process so I am too risk adverse to do fully spontaneous ferments at this point. So I figure getting some house character spontaneously and adding known bugs is a good mix for me now.
02/13/14 11:10 PM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
Understandable. I just wouldn't think house character would shine through the already extremely complex fermentation. Obviously you have some signs of proving me wrong.
02/14/14 01:18 AM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
That looks really messed up, did you add corn to it? I'd definitely not taste that until I was sure there was some alcohol fermentation. What does it smell like? Still worty?
Gabe H
02/14/14 08:32 AM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
Don't see the pink in the pictures, but with cured meats & cheesemaking pink mold is big warning sign and I would be pretty hesitant to sample a beer with anything pink on the pellicle if there aren't berries, cherries, or other red fruit involved.
02/14/14 11:20 AM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
I have seen something that looks kinf of similar not pink though more of a brown/tan mixture liek a krausen pellicle misture
02/15/14 08:54 PM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
I have had little yeast clumps form on top of a beer that looked like that, but they looked like the same tan color as the picture, not pink.
02/16/14 02:42 PM  
Re: Pink dotted pellicle
It's fairly common to see wild yeast clump like that in tan-ish clumps like what is visible in the picture.
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