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01/15/14 10:41 AM  
Saving ECY
I now have a few different stains of ECY going. I would like to save and reuse at a later date. I have been looking around and did a search on here too. I see two methods and just want to know what would be the best route to use. Since there are bugs involved. 1. Freeze in small vials and do starters, but would throw off the %'s. Could store longer and use more often. 2. Save the yeast cake in plastic bottles, pitch that into new beers. Seems like you would have to use faster but much easier than above. Thanks for the help with this.
01/15/14 03:07 PM  
Re: Saving ECY
Your %'s are going to be out of whack anyways I beleive so I wouldnt worry about that.

For all my bugs I just keep them in .5g or 1g carboys and feed them fresh wort every so often. probably every 2-4 months.

THis is just my process YMMV
01/15/14 03:45 PM  
Re: Saving ECY
Whats your process of using them once in those jugs? Just poor a bit out, measure etc?
01/16/14 01:41 PM  
Re: Saving ECY
Freezing is traumatic for yeast, unless you use glycerine to protect it. Probably need a NON frost-free freezer except that you could pack the sample inside its own little insulated freezer container with an ice pack to avoid the freeze-thaw cycles. Bacteria might be OK, but never tried this.
Small jugs with occasional feedings and starters when needed is how I've done it.
01/16/14 03:57 PM  
Re: Saving ECY
Yes I measure out a certain amount of slurry I want to use and sometimes make a starter and sometimes just dump what I need in, depends on what I am doing.

I have heard of more people having issues when trying to freeze bugs or brett and killing them
01/17/14 08:30 AM  
Re: Saving ECY
I was thinking about just putting them in my beer cooler, it runs about 40deg.
01/20/14 08:34 AM  
Re: Saving ECY
I have better lug with brett and bugs at closer to room temps, I keep them in my fermentation closet which runs about 50-55 in winter and 60-65 in summer
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