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01/02/14 09:09 AM  
cooking with sour beeer
has anyone tried cooking with sour beer? i mean, could i substitute wine in a recipe for a flanders red and expect good results?
Gabe H
01/02/14 07:32 PM  
Lapin a la geuze
Rabbit braised in geuze is a classic Belgian recipe. Here's the recipe from Oud Beersel's page: http://www.oudbeersel.com/en/recipe/rabbit-with-old-gueuze/

To answer your question, depends on the recipe and the beer, but generally yes. I used a sour/fruity hopped saison in place of white wine in a mustard sauce for lobster tails on new years and thought it was delicious.
01/05/14 01:53 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
Monks Mussels made with Geuze at Monk's Cafe in Philly. They do some other stuff as well:

<a href="http://monkscafe.com/menu.cfm#mussels">http://monkscafe.com/menu.cfm#mussels</a>
01/05/14 02:06 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
Carbonade Flamande is a classic beef stew with ridiculous amounts of caramelized onions and Flanders red or brown beer, thickened with stale bread slices slathered with stone ground mustard. Perfect cold weather dish.
Often use beer (sours and stouts esp) in cooking. The acidity and other flavors accentuate food similar to wine, and often better.
Deglaze pans with beer after browning beef or pork for stews or chili. Add a little honey for "sweet and sour" effect if you like (try this on salmon or other fish).
01/06/14 02:05 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
Rabbit braised in Geuze is fantastic, I had it last year when I was in Brussels.

For Thanksgiving this year I made cranberry sauce with some homebrewed sour blonde and it turned out very very good. Cooked the cranberries down as I normally would for 4 hours or so, but I added 8 oz of the sour beer. I could definitely taste the funk and extra sour from the beer.
01/09/14 06:54 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
Not exactly sour, but I have made bread using brett trois to leaven and a fairly funky 100% wy brett L. beer as the liquid. Turned out quite well, the earthiness/funkyness works really well with bread. Using brett seemed to work better for leavening than other ale yeasts I have tried. Still takes much longer than using bread yeast though.

Picture - http://imgur.com/2h6bopl
Recipe I used - http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/No-Knead-Beer-Bread/Detail.aspx?src=VD_Summary
01/11/14 01:55 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
thanks for the feedback everyone
01/12/14 08:47 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
Got inspired by this thread and made carbonade flamande just now. It is fabulous. I used this recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/carbonade-flamande-recipe/index.html and a flanders red. For sure will be doing the rabbit in geuze soon. I will probably use chicken though as rabbits are a PITA to get.
01/13/14 12:44 PM  
Re: cooking with sour beeer
Haven't tried any of these but 3 Fonteinen has some recipes on their website. You may have to use google translate to understand the page but the recipes seem cool.


P.S. Tim's brett bread was pretty cool.
01/14/14 09:24 AM  
Best fried onions ever
Quickly (and lightly) brown the onions in a little olive oil. Then turn the heat to low and add a good dose of oud bruin, enough so the onions are totally covered. Let simmer till the beer is mostly reduced away then finish with a good dollop of butter. Spoon the finished onions on a steak or something, awesome stuff.
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