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12/04/13 03:48 PM  
going to be brewing a pale hoppy wort this weekend split in half for a sole pitch of brett anomala (ECY) in one fermenter and custersianus (ECY) in the other to chew away at. expecting about 45 IBUs. i want to play around with the ICU concept. following shaun hill's simple equation, i'm going to aim for 500 ICUs by adding 21 grams of zest to ~11 gallons of wort. in shaun or chad yakobson's case, when is the zest typically added? my preference would be to add them in primary (or secondary) simply because this will be a split batch, and i only really want to play around with ICUs in accordance to one of the two brett strains i'm pitching. all thoughts, questions, comments, etc. welcome and especially appreciated. cheers.
Adam Mc
12/07/13 09:47 PM  
Re: ICUs
I've tried this in the past, using juice as well. The only thing I would say is, if using juice, I'd focus on adding some acidity. Juice and zest alone makes for an unpleasant fermented juice flavor that is kind of hard to describe (when added at KO).

Mind you this is a sample size of 1, and there may have been some fermentation issues as well. I feel like if there was acidity paired with the juice flavor, it would be a much better flavor.
12/08/13 09:45 PM  
Re: ICUs
I didn't check this for more than a day; and i brewed this morning. decided to add zest along with some coriander at flame out. we filled one fermenter before adding them. gave the remaining ~5 gallons that received the zest and coriander in the kettle a good whirlpool, and finished filling the second fermenter. it received one bottle of ECY 29 which reportedly produces some light funk and acidity.

thanks for chiming in though!
12/10/13 11:11 AM  
Re: ICUs
currently researching this, but figured i'd post here in case anyone is so kind to share their thoughts / comments. i'm fast approaching 48 hours since pitch. well within the first 12 hours, the custersianus was showing signs of strong fermentation with a krausen to the top and steady blow-off, however the anomala is extremely still. considering pitching some US05 in hopes to get things going.

is this amount of lag time normal for anomala?
12/11/13 10:49 AM  
Re: ICUs
for anyone interested, i noticed white spots forming on the top surface last night, about 51 hours after pitch. about an hour and a half later, the entire top surface was white. this morning, about 12 hours later, i have a about a half inch thick cream colored krausen.
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