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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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11/08/13 02:34 PM  
Scored ECY 30...Now what?
There is not much info on this strain out there yet. I like doing all brett ferments and now need a good simple recipe to test this on. I have done a few Flanders and those are still aging, would be nice to change it up a tad. I need your help.
Al B
11/08/13 10:00 PM  
Re: Scored ECY 30...Now what?
This brett will give an abundance of acidity right away so I would keep IBUs to a minimum. Six months really transformed a 100% naardenensis brew to a pleasant wild ale that I served at the NHC earlier this year. Other than that grain bill is a toss up. Would blend well with other Flander beers too. Again, patience with this one is recommended.

11/10/13 07:27 PM  
Re: Scored ECY 30...Now what?
I think I will just do a 10gal batch of Flanders and split between ECY02 & ECY30. Use both as secondary yeast and primary with some cali yeast.

BUT, if Al used as a primary and it turned out great why not. I can wait 6mo easy. Thanks for the tips Al.
12/31/13 02:18 PM  
Re: Scored ECY 30...Now what?
Should I rack the ECY30 beer for aging or is it ok to just let it ride on the yeast cake?

02/20/14 09:34 PM  
Re: Scored ECY 30...Now what?
any updates on the strain? I stepped up once and still tossing around style ideas on what to brew... 100% brett vs. dual ferm
02/21/14 08:44 AM  
Re: Scored ECY 30...Now what?
So far just as described by Al. I am aging it out. Seems to be forming a little pellicle. Not sure if that is normal or not since I have not brewed many all brett beers.

I brewed a 10gal batch of Flanders red and used it on 5 gal of that grain bill. Let ye know how it goes in a few mo.
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