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Adam Mc
11/05/13 11:58 AM  
souring high ibu beer
Hi all, I recently brewed an English IPA to 60 ibus, all Willamette, around 1.060 og. Out of stupidity, I pitched the yeast after four days (mixed up my fermenters) and now there is a smokey phenolic in the way. I'd like to Brett it or sour it, would a sour 60 IBU beer work or would you just Brett it? Thanks, adam
Mike T
11/05/13 01:58 PM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
Traditional wisdom is that sour and bitter are a poor match. However Arbor Brewing does a soured version of their DIPA that seems to get decent reviews: http://www.arborbrewing.com/beers/demetrius/?age-verified=4568ef57ea
11/06/13 03:57 PM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
I've made a few all-brett IPA and find them delicious. I try to match the brett with the type of hops I'm using (trios or brett c with citrus hops, brett b or c with more earthy hops, etc.) I've really liked the results. Hops can reduce the effectiveness of other souring organisms like lacto, however.
Adam Mc
11/08/13 01:59 PM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
I'm leaning towards adding brett only, as I'm fond of brett belgian pales in general. Would brett metabolise some of that somkeyness? I've only used brux and brux trois, how would lambicus fair in a beer like this?
Thanks, Adam
11/09/13 11:01 AM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
If this was my beer, with Willamette and some phenolics, I'd probably go with brux or lambicus. I think I've only used lambicus once as a stand-alone (as opposed to it being part of a mix), but on that one occasion it was very slow to develop. Brux may get you there a little quicker, while some of the hop flavors and aromas are still present. Or maybe pitching some fast moving dregs like Jolly Pumpkin or fresh Orval. Good luck.
01/28/14 07:21 PM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
This gives me the idea of blending a fresh IPA with a lambic. I'll be able to do this in the glass with a 100% brett IPA and a blended lambic in a couple of weeks when those beers are done carbonating. Has anyone else tried this?
02/06/14 07:38 PM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
You need to consider the ABV and FG along with IBU. High ABV beers or those with a low FG can handle souring better even with a high IBU, because they typically will not get very sour.

For example, I just "soured" a Russian Imperial Stout (11.5%, 90 IBU) by racking onto a Roeselare cake. Turned out roasty, smooth and sour with a mild oak bite. Good reviews from most that have sampled.
Adam Mc
02/21/14 09:48 PM  
Re: souring high ibu beer
Just tasting this beer before bottling, I ended up adding brux for a few months, nice and funky right now. The smokiness has faded. Stick save and a beauty!
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