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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/21/13 06:41 PM  
Old Homebrew revisited
So, many many years ago, there were a couple of homebrew swaps on the Babblebelt. The last one I remember was the Barleywine swap of 2007. I was in the middle of a life-change (divorce) so I think I did send out beer, but I do know that I received beers from a couple of babbler homebrewers. Since then, I've moved a couple of times and have had the beer cellar in storage more than once (temp controlled). About a year ago I began to inventory and track what I had in the cellar. I first opened every box with beer and touched every bottle to enter its vitals into a rough spreadsheet. No time wasted, I just entered everything I knew or could remember about each beer. That process took about 6 weeks, and I've tracked new entries and consumption ever since. I recently (last 3 weeks or so) started digging into the older boxes to supplement all the newer stuff I've been drinking. Amongst others, I've had a 2003 Southampton Old Herb, a Regenboog Babblebeer and several other commercial beers, but.... Tonight I opened one of the Babbler brewed Barleywines, specifically a Pacific Northwest Style Rye Barleywine brewed by N8 in 2004. As someone who regularly ages west coast bw to make it drinkable to me, this is AMAZING! nearly 10 years old and the hops are still there as spice upfront (cinnamon, nutmeg) to balance the big malt presence (which are almost honey-like now) and the finish has noticeable bitterness. Makes me want more.... The post-it-note-label says "Brewed '04 ~11.5%abv" and the cap has notations: "40 CL F" which I'm sure were important but I've no idea what it means. So, six years later, I'm going to slowly make it through the barleywines I received and will post my comments here. Anyone else have a hidden stash (or forgotten) that they need a reason to go through? cheers, Scamborn
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