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10/02/13 10:01 PM  
Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
Following up on the fantastic experimentation we did here back 5 or so years ago, I've gotten another batch of Brettliner Weiss under way. I've decided to toss some lemongrass into a 1.030 Brix wort made of 60% malted wheat and 40% pilsner malt. This time the starter got done on a stir plate at 82F. So far it has been extremely active fermenting. Will be interesting to see how fast it finishes. It already very tart after a couple of days in the fermentor. Anybody else doing such things recently?
10/02/13 10:02 PM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
make that 7 brix, 1.030 SG... dang refractometer has got me thinking in Brix lately.
10/03/13 02:50 AM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
What did you have in the starter? How long? Did you take pH measurements?
10/03/13 11:53 AM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
No pH readings. As to the starter, it was just plain unhopped leftover wort that got diluted down to 1.040 and a pinch of Wyeast's nutrients dropped in. 2 days on the stir plate ramped up the White Labs tube into an opaque milky pint of slurry. That seems to have eaten through the 5 gallons of Berliner wort already in less than a week.

I recall lots of folks finding that Brett C was sluggish, which was never my experience. I wonder what it is that causes it to behave like that for some people. These Brettliner Weiss beers have so far been reliably done in a week and drinkable in two for me. This fourth batch seems to be in line with that experience.
10/03/13 11:54 AM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
Also, SteveG, if you spot this, where did the transcript of our 2008 Berliner swap chat get to? I was hoping to see the recipes we used back for the swap and can't seem to find em.
10/03/13 12:23 PM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
And another musing: It seems that more exact temperature control technology may be on my horizon if the kickstarter'ed Sansaire project ships on time this fall. They indicate that their immersion circulator will be able to be connected to tubing and power a heat exchanger coil... which means to me that not only will simple sous vide cooking become avalable, but precise mashing and fermentation temps will be doable too. It will be fun to see if I/we can dial in the exact temps that Brett C likes for producing its pineapple and other tropical flavors and reliably reproduce them.
10/03/13 02:26 PM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
What yeast specifically did you use in the starter? Brett C?
What are you using to make it sour?
10/03/13 09:51 PM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
Brett C straight from the White Labs tube. That is all that is needed to make it sour.
10/04/13 10:06 PM  
Re: Brett C Berliner Weiss redux
I've done 3 bw recently, brett trios and lacto only. No sac. Delicious.
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