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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Gabe H
09/03/13 07:41 AM  
Anyone taken a crack at cloning Oerbier or making something similar? All I can find is that it is brewed with 6 malts and Poperigne Goldings hops. Pale(Pils), Munich, ??, ??, chocolate, and black? Is the Reserva the same beer or is it a stronger version to start with? If they are the same beer, the extra 4% abv in the Reserva would put the FG on the regular version at least at 1.032 which seems quite high to me. Probably a good question for the regular BBB, bbbut I can't remember my password. Does anyone have insight onto what's in the beer other than sacc? Wyeast 3942 is supposedly isolated from De Dolle, despite being called 'Belgian Wheat' by the manufacturer. What role does the coolship play? I've read that De Dolle has a wort chiller. What about the lacto propagator? Is it just lacto d and when is it added? Anyone had the chance to visit the brewery? In the pics I've seen, the only fermenter shown is an open sqaure. Does he have some secondary tanks or does it get packaged directyl after primary?
09/03/13 12:15 PM  
Re: Oerbier
Of Oerbier I will say this, when it used the Rodenbach yeast it was magnificent, when they changed it became something entirely different. If it were me, I'd only consider using a Roeselare blend. I have several old bottles of Reserva, LMK if having one would help your backwards engineering effort (I don;t really care for it).
Gabe H
09/03/13 02:13 PM  
Re: Oerbier
Generous offer Steve. I'll shoot you an email.

It's been a long time since I had the old Oerbier, maybe I'll be lucky enough to try it when I get back to Belgium. I found some 09 or maybe 08 Oerbier this weekend and it is aging great. Not to say it's on par with the Rodenbach yeast stuff, but it's developing a very pleasant acidity and is far better than than the younger bottles I've had.

When De Dolle was still using Rodenbach's blend, how did they get such a quick turnaround on the beer? I'm hesitant to use Roseleare as I'm not looking to have to buy yet another better bottle to age in bulk. I'd like to figure out how to brew, package, and let it develop in the bottle.
09/04/13 01:16 AM  
Re: Oerbier
Gabe, I just posted in your thread on the regular BBB board as well, but I'll add more to this.

I don't think Roselare will get you that close to the old Oerbier, too much brett I think.

I've always loved that flavor the old Oerbiers had, but everything I've done with Roselare is too dry, leading me to think the old Rodenbach culture was just Saccharomyces and lactic acid bacteria. What was great about it was the sweet and sour flavor. They had fairly high final gravities. My guess is since it was just yeast and probably lactobacillus, they could probably bottle it fairly young and it would just get slightly more acidic with time without producing a ton more CO2.

If you have a microscope or fancy science skills I can send you some old Oerbier culture if you have a way to separate out the bacteria.
09/04/13 12:02 PM  
Re: Oerbier
If there isn't much brett flavor in the old Oerbier maybe check to see if someone can score you a vial of beer or a sample of ECY23 culture.

If I wasn't sort of kept in my hole at work I'd go do some lab work but they know what I'm into and don't want me in the lab. There's always the possibility of me getting some time at the lab where I went to school. However I don't have the differential media and I'm not sure they have the stuff I'd need to differentiate yeast from bacteria. I think it's cyclohexamide which isn't uncommon but they don't really work on these types of isolations from what I know after being through most of the advanced lab technique classes.
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