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Like the BBB, the homeBBBrew board is not a club, just a place to talk about making beer. Is there a swap you would like to see happen? If we can find a few others who have something similar then lets do it!

I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Nick P.
08/21/13 01:04 PM  
Compete your Funk...do you have the goods?
Hey All, Here is the link to the registration site which opens TODAY! http://nordeasthbc.brewcompetition.com/ Just wanted to let you know about a homebrew competition in Minneapolis with two specialty categories, 100% Brett, and American Wild. We have great judges that have experimented with 100% Brett, and Bacteria for years and do a great job judging these beers that don't fit into any BJCP style guidelines. If you want honest feedback on your funk, or want to brag about how money one of your Wild ales is, please send in your entries. The competition allows for almost any bottle style in order to accommodate Belgian and Champagne style bottles that we typically use for our bretts and sours. The key is to describe your beer, especially your base beer which will help the judges understand what you were going for. That will help them understand if you've achieved it or not. I've got a few Wild's I'll be competing in the Wild ale category!
Nick P.
08/22/13 02:19 PM  
Re: Compete your Funk...do you have the goods?
Registration opens this Saturday the 24th!

I had said the 21st, but that was actually the registration day.

We also would love a FUNK celebrity judge for this event. Any Funky Pro brewers that watch these threads that wants to come to Minneapolis for a judging event on Oct 12th or 13th...that's cool with us! Chad Y, Vinnie, Todd Haug, Troy Casey, Shaun Hill, Caleb Staton, Lauren Salazaar, Dave Logdon, ROn Jeffrey, Michael Tonsmeire, we want you or any professional brewer of the funk!!!
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