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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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08/05/13 03:21 AM  
WL 585 Saison III
can't find much info on this strain.

any experiences?

any ideas on the lineage?

08/07/13 12:51 PM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III
nuthin' eh?

I'd figured of all places, folks on this board woulda had some input on this one!

08/08/13 10:33 AM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III
I've used it a few times with great results. I believe it is another Dupont culture, but much different than the regular saison one. Much more fruity, no lag in attenuation, not as much pepper.

I need to get around to using it more as I had great results from the few I brewed with it. I'd say it's my favorite saison strain out there.

08/08/13 07:03 PM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III
A great yeast! Classic saison flavors ferments quickly and flocs great. I would vote to have this yr round.
08/08/13 10:36 PM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III
great news! thanks!

just brewed up a low-gravity, "kitchen sink" whipper snapper and used this.

pils, Munich, touch of wheat, touch of oats, touch of aromatic and smoked malt. Brewers Gold for bittering, Big shot of whole leaf EKG's to finish. 35 ibu's. good deal hoppy I'd say.

didn't have time for a starter, ambient temps have been 70-80 lately, so hopefully she'll fully attentuate within two weeks time, at which point.... it gets kegged.

excited to try this new strain!

08/24/13 01:39 PM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III
just tapped the keg of this. very nice. too soon to say much though.... definitely took me to dryness FG was 1.000 in under three weeks. tastes reminiscent of DuPont to me.

will report back with more notes as I get more familiar with it.
08/25/13 04:35 PM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III

What temps/time did you mash? I did 152F/65 min, ferment 68-72F and went from 1.052-1.009.
09/01/13 01:13 AM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III
I did 148f for two hours, ( added enough acidulated to adjust pH to 5.2),. I don't mess with temp control too much in the summer months as it's generally a stable 80-85f where I stash the fermenter.

09/01/13 11:45 AM  
Re: WL 585 Saison III

I just brewed with the 585 yesterday mashed at 152f for 90min and pitched at 66F to let free rise. Let us know how your beer turns out.
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