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Gabe H
08/04/13 10:07 PM  
Syrup in a wild quad
I'm planning a wild quad with ECY02 slurry and some t-58 to boost the sacc population. 80% pils, 10% flaked wheat, 7.5% special b, 2.5% rolled oats. I feel like quads are usually all about the syrup, but I'd really like this beer to finish above 1.016 and I'm worried the sugar will thin it out.

Will there be any differenece in the FG between and 1.086 beer and a 1.100 beer where the only difference is 2lbs of sugar? More importantly will there be a diffference in the mouthfeel from the extra alcohol in the bigger beer if FG will be the same?

08/08/13 10:44 AM  
Re: Syrup in a wild quad
Looks like the ECY02 has a brett strain in it, so I have no idea where it will stop attenuating. I'm not certain on the difference in body in the beer, might depend on the strain and the glycerols it produces. It will also really depend on how much CO2 you decide to go for in bottling, that can really change the texture.

Overall think with that brett and bacteria in there it's going to feel thinner with the sourness. You might minimize this a bit with just using the primary strain first then pitching the ECY02 after it's finished.

I'd just email Al B and ask his thoughts, he probably has a pretty good idea of what that mix will do.

08/23/13 06:22 PM  
Re: Syrup in a wild quad
I soured a Quad with 2# of D2 4 years ago because it stopped at 1.030. Loads of Brett Lamb and Brux; bottled dregs of Jolly Pumpkin and Cantillon. After 2 years in the carboy I bottled it. WOW! Really intense beer. I like it small amounts from time to time. Although when I drink it I feel like it needs to be recreated.

I also brewed an Irish red with D2 and soured that and it turned out great. I guess it comes down to how much $$$ you want to spend on sugars. I don't mind personally because when priced out per bottle the over all cost is minimal.

Hope that helps.

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