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Adam M
07/19/13 10:43 AM  
3711 mash temp
Hi all,

I recently did a split batch saison/sour that was 55:18:14:14 pils, vienna, rye, flaked wheat, 1.058 sg w/o sugar. Mashed at 153 figuring the two styles have opposing fermentability and I wanted to split the difference.

Brewday went real smooth and pitched dupont yeast into the saison. Of course, I'd like the saison dry and am thinking of adding 3711 after a few days considering the mash temp. Where does a beer like this typically end up with 3711? What I don't want is a 1.000 beer.

Thanks, Adam

07/19/13 11:31 AM  
Re: 3711 mash temp
Every beer i've done with 3711 has ended near 1.000... but, it still retains some body and sweetness to it.

I would just let it go with the Dupont yeast as it will finish out right around 1.004 or so given enough time and temperature. If you don't want to wait the 3711 will be fine.

07/19/13 01:19 PM  
Re: 3711 mash temp
The saison gold medal winner for cat 16 this year at NHC was with done 3724 and 3711, nothing wrong with that idea.

http://brewvic.com/forum/index.php?topic=277.0 The only information missing from the post is that the starting water is pretty much like pilsen with next to nothing in it.

Nate P.
07/19/13 02:01 PM  
Re: 3711 mash temp
You only need 10-20% 3711 as a fermentation helper to 3724 if you want to keep the 3724 character and finish fast. From what I understand, both strains create more glycerol than your normal sacch strains so you get mouthfeel at very low FGs, similar to wine yeast. 3711 will ferment dirt independent on what temperature you mash the dirt.
Adam M
07/19/13 02:17 PM  
Re: 3711 mash temp
Thanks guys! I'll just ride out the dupont and see where I end up, a bonus of the heatwave I guess.
Nick P.
08/21/13 01:07 PM  
Re: 3711 mash temp
3711 typically finishes around 1.000- 1.004 for me. But like derekA said, this yeast gives the perception of body in the finished beer. Where is the beer at now?
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