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Gabe H
06/10/13 11:48 AM  
ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Anyone manage to score the brett only ECY03 from the last couple releases? I've used the blend and really like the brett strain and would love to get a hold of some. I've got a few interesting strains to trade.
06/10/13 06:59 PM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Yah, I've been hoping to get that one as well. Hoping once Al ramps up production a bit that one is available.
Al B
06/11/13 07:36 PM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Working on it !


Gabe H
06/15/13 01:50 PM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Any chance I'll find some at Philly Homebrew before the AHA conference? Or you could bring some with you? I heard you won't have yeast at the Love2Brew booth, but I promise I won't tell anyone. ;)
Al B
06/16/13 08:33 AM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Yes there will be some ECY 03 at PHB during the NHC.

If you want the pure Brett culture, I'll see about getting you a plate.


Gabe H
06/16/13 10:09 AM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett

I'll pick up the blend if I see it, but just the brett is what I'm really after. Really like it as part of the blend and excited to use it solo in primary and to see what it's like as a bottling strain.


10/03/13 01:16 PM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Made a small starter for a 10 gal split batch saison I'm planning for this weekend. I was getting some interesting smells from the yeast. I couldn't really pinpoint saison yeast or Brett in the smell but I'm sure it'll turn out nicely. Is anyone familiar with the fermentation schedule for ECY03 strain?
10/09/13 11:41 AM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
low 70s should be fine for this strain, right? Can't seem to get it any hotter than 70-71.
12/02/13 10:20 AM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
I also would like to know what fermentation schedule people on this board have used with ECY 03.

My vial of 03 was sitting in my fridge since July so I made a 2000mL starter. I brewed 6 gallons of the Raison D'Saison recipe from Brewing Classic Styles and split it into two 3 gallon carboys. I pitched ECY 08 into one and 1/2 the ECY 03 starter into the other.

I started both carboys at 68F, then increased 1F every 10-12 hrs until 80F. After four days I pitched the second 1/2 of the ECY 03 starter.

Do I keep the ECY 03 batch in primary for several months or rack off the yeast cake to secondary? While waiting for Brett beers to finish out should they be kept at 80F or another temp?

Many thanks,
12/23/13 04:43 PM  
Re: ECY 03 - Fantome Brett
Raison D'Saison should be spelled: Raison de Saison, since Saison does not start with a vowel. Of course, the word for grape in French is actually: raisin. Raison de Saison would translate to: reason of season.
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