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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/09/13 01:07 AM  
want bug farm
I got my gmail from Joe and then prepped my paypal

and then had the reply with my choice ready all that

remained was a count down to noon EST and a click...

I did the click and really am dissappointed. Well

hope you get production ramped up soon Al....

Al B
05/10/13 09:36 AM  
Re: want bug farm
Sorry to hear that. Try the other place for an easier check out at Love2brew - they ship. Also will have some at Phily Homebrew but they don't ship. I'll be making BugFarm all year so hopefully it'll work out for ya.

05/21/13 01:04 AM  
Re: want bug farm
Thanks Al. I really want to have this culture to

take my cask of Kriek to the next universe.

Philly homebrew
05/24/13 08:33 AM  
Re: want bug farm
Give us a call at the shop later today and I'll get a vile out to you. 215 755 4556 call anytime after 11.
05/24/13 10:18 PM  
Re: want bug farm
You are a good man for doing that for him. Us poor deprived far western Canadians just managed to get a 01 and 02 from lovetobrew. We are splitting the vials three ways though. Good thing the little buggers reproduce.
06/01/13 09:31 PM  
Re: want bug farm
Thanks Philly homebrew, Guess my notify is not set up

with reply's here on the forum. I may try to call you

Monday as I have the base beer fermenting and still

have some time before pitching bugs. I sampled the

solera today and it has greatly improved since

the last pull six months ago.

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