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05/02/13 07:49 PM  
Variable volume fermentors
Has anyone used a variable volume fermentor for a sour beer? I just bought a 100L one for a 100$ and am planning to use it for a sour solera. Seems to me to be pretty much a perfect vessel but I can't find any precedence.
05/08/13 12:38 PM  
Re: Variable volume fermentors
id like to see more info on this, got a url link or brand name? is this a wine thing?
05/08/13 01:38 PM  
Re: Variable volume fermentors
Yes they are a very common wine thing, from 100L to 1000s of liters in capacity.

This is it http://www.criveller.com/product.php?id=000000035

The lid is smaller than the container, then there is a bladder around the rim of the lid. So you can put the lid at any height or floating on the wine/beer and then just pump up the bladder and it stays. I see some wine makers worrying about long term storage due to oxidation as some air may get through the bladder over a long time. Not sure how much really would get in though.

05/08/13 02:33 PM  
Re: Variable volume fermentors
ahh ok cool! how much did you pay for this if you don't mind me asking? did you buy it directly from Criveller?
05/08/13 10:57 PM  
Re: Variable volume fermentors
Got it used for 100$. I would have never bought such a thing if it was not super cheap. They are like $350+ new. They are a pretty neat idea. I guess in Europe they put a layer of paraffin oil on top of the wine instead of using the blow up bladder, then you just pour off as you want and it adjusts on its own.
05/13/13 08:16 AM  
Re: Variable volume fermentors
awesome deal. please report back on your results with this. i think it could be really great for a shorter term (6months to maybe 1yr) fermentation.

01/29/14 02:49 AM  
Re: Variable volume fermentors
I am ~8 months in using this variable volume fermentor. It is working well. There is no pellicle on the beer, so I expect the O2 exposure is negligible. It is my first use of ECY02 and I am very happy with the beer considering its age. It should be fabulous in the somewhat near future.
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