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03/29/13 09:11 AM  
Angels share/evaporation
for some reason I had this thought last night while sleeping (I blame the cooking shows that always say the alcohol will cook off when using wine)....does the alcohol in a barrel evaporate at the same rate as everything else? For example, if I have a 60gallon barrel of 5% lambic, which evaporated 5 gallons.....do I then have 55 gallons of 5% lambic? Or 55 gallons of something with a higher/lower abv. I've been operating under the assumption that it's the same, or close enough to not really bother with adjusting the beer I top off the barrel with.
03/29/13 09:22 AM  
Re: Angels share/evaporation
I wish I had an answer Dan - that is a really great question. I wanted to ask though, is that level of evaporation out of a keg something that could really happen? Or is that just an example to dial in your question?
03/29/13 11:47 AM  
Re: Angels share/evaporation
Rate of water evaporation depends on humidity of the air. If 100% humidity then no water will evaporate, only alcohol.
04/01/13 12:20 PM  
Re: Angels share/evaporation
From what I've read it's similar enough to not really matter. I don't think Jean Van Roy is doing any lab testing to see just what evaporated and replacing it with wort that would balance it out, so I don't think there's a reason to worry about it.

In fact in general I don't worry about anything doesn't affect the taste of the finished product. When I have a good lambic, any thought of how much alcohol in it is far out of my mind.

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