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03/10/13 03:06 PM  
Oat malt sours
Has anyone done a sour with high percentage of oats before? Any reason to think this is a bad idea?

I have access to a nearly unlimited free supply of artisan malted oats. So I am considering doing a couple of turbid mashes with them. Their diastatic power is quite low so it will be really easy to do that way.

I have made a normal beer with them and was not especially enthused with oaty flavour, but I am figuring it could be quite decent when soured.

Gabe H
03/11/13 01:20 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I've got a sour going now with both oat malt and rolled oats, but I haven't tasted it yet. I'm interested to see how the lipids (or whatever makes oats greasy) do over time. I've really like the malted oats in the clean beers I've made so far. Where are you getting them from?
03/11/13 04:54 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I was worried about long term stability due to the lipids but there is a paper on IBD about beer made with malted oats http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/j.2050-0416.2011.tb00487.x/pdf and they seem to be very good as far as that. Nonmalted I would be scared of long term. Who knows though.....

I have been happy with them as a partial addition in beers. I did a "heffe oat" with wy3068 and 100% oats and they just did not do it for me. Quite a distinctive taste and not good in a strong concentration.

A buddy of mine is an artisan maltster and did a batch of oats. Probably for the idea of gluten free brewing (can't remember). So they are just sitting around and will probably end up going to the pigs if I don't use them. I am going to do a oat wine and put like 50lbs of first runnings into a ~10-12% beer and then do a couple lambic style beers. I was hoping someone had done it first as it is pretty depressing to find out a year or two down the road the beer is horrid.

03/18/13 01:42 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I bet it would work pretty well in a lambic style beer since so much flavor is yeast/bacteria driven. Not sure I would go with 100% oats, but why not 50/50. That will still cut down your expense and give you plenty of protein and starch.

And maybe look into different toast levels for the oats. That could be fun to experiment with.

03/18/13 03:08 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
Finally found the link that this post reminded me of:


This guy (Ryan) brewed a SMaSH with malted oat. He reports a somewhat unpalatable graininess. I've heard others describe an astringency in high percentage oat beers.

It's possible that extended mixed secondary fermentation would clear that up but personally I would not go much higher than 50%.

03/18/13 11:23 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
That is interesting Luke, I did not have a problem with husky flavours in my 100% oat beer, but for sure it is distinctly oaty as the fellow said and it did have a kind of sourness. I did not consider it astringent though. Of course what I am using is likely to be a different strain, different process (floor malted) and different growing conditions. I can imagine a huskyness though as oats have a much higher percentage of husk.

Regardless, damn the torpedoes I just did an "Oat bruin" 6G total with 14lbs of oats (low extract as lots o husk) a pound of Fawcett cr45, 2oz of carafa3, 8 oz aromatic and 500g of homemade candi syrup (13g ammonium carbonate cooked till cherryish flavours but not astringent or acrid) Sparged a bit more than normal with 5.7 PH water, doing a 3 hour boil. Then whatever yeast I got kicking around and a shot of the oude bruin I have going with Petrus oude bruin dregs. Maybe a shot from a flanders red that has the wyeast blend and Russian river dregs. Looking for 1068 in the end going off of what I got from the past 100% oat beer.

Am going to do a Lambic as well with a shit mix of lambic bugs. In a year or so I will update this thread with what happens.

03/19/13 01:41 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
Sounds great! I was going to suggest going with a dark beer as they seem to be more forgiving.

I accidentally ordered 8#s of Breiss Extra Special malt and ended up using 4#s (40%) in a BSDA. Added sour cherries in secondary and it turned out great!

03/19/13 02:24 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I'm going to add my $.02 about Oat Malt--I did a small 1 gallon test batch, just to try it out. The finished product ended up reduced to a sauce in a pot. There was a sour/cidery taste to it. Quite fruity right on the front of the palate, but then disappeared into that graininess. I too got the astringency that others described, and wouldn't do the 100% again. Even the oat beer reduction was terrible. It was VERY bitter.

That said, it would definitely add some complexity to any beer--darker might be better, and who knows what some bugs might do to the added compounds. The astringency might pair will with some sour notes.

04/08/13 02:30 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I have found malted oats to give a an earthy and corn like sweetness. I really like using it in saisons. I think it would work well in a sour.
Gabe H
04/08/13 04:17 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
Maybe I'll try an oat/barley sour mash. I've got a bunch of the same oat malt.
04/09/13 11:13 AM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I've put a small percentage (>10%) of oats in a couple all-brett beers, and I thought it wrecked the head retention. Similar recipes without oats did much better. Results may vary.
04/09/13 03:24 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I've done the same, replaced some of the wheat in a grist with oats.
Gabe H
04/09/13 03:50 PM  
Re: Oat malt sours
I've had no problems with head retention on my saison Bretts with oat malt.
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