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03/06/13 01:50 AM  
Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
Made up a saison with 3711. Nice aroma, but the flavor is a bit lacking. I was expecting more yeast derived flavors but it's rather tame. Almost seems like it would make a better biere de garde than a saison. Has a rather nice malty thing going on, but not quite as peppery as I'd hoped.

Is this a function of the yeast or fermentation?

For information:

OG 1.050.

FG 1.004

Fermented at 66, raising to 74 over 10 days.

Pale malt about 85%

Golden naked oats: 5%

Aromatic: 5%

Sucrose: 5%

Carafa <1%

Gabe H
03/06/13 09:53 AM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
I'd say it's the temps. Start mid 70s and let it go up from there.
03/07/13 06:33 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
I just never really enjoyed the flavor profile of WY 3711 compared to the dupont strain 3724. For some reason I feel that it lacks the pepper and citrus impact that 3724 provides with a good warm fermentation.

I also thought it attenuates a bit too much even with a complex grain bill, no sugar, and cooler temps. Hey, just my 2 cents, which isn't worth much nowadays. It is a hell of a lot easier to ferment with though....

03/11/13 04:58 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
You have to really kick that yeast up into very high temperatures to produce a lot of flavor. I don't think it ever gets as peppery as Dupont but it produces some pepper and a lot of fruit.
Nate P.
03/12/13 11:11 AM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
It's a great yeast to blend with 3724 (10-20%) to get it to finish fast. I agree that it's bland.
03/12/13 06:47 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
As a blending yeast it is superb. It is even good for finishing out a stalled beer as well..
03/28/13 06:10 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
Over the past month or so there has been some change in the beer, or perhaps my perception of it. Initially there is a certain funk to the beer. It's a bit leathery, organic and rustic smelling. Not the least bit bad, despite my description of it.

The fruitiness is significant, but over just a bit of time it has mellowed a bit and there does appear to be a peppery flavor that emerges on the tongue. It's not profound, but a bit prickly.

It's still nothing as peppery as a dupont type yeast, but I think it can hold its own. I felt like there was an unpleasant slickness to the beer early on, but now it simply has a nice mouthfeel, and is exceedingly refreshing.

As they say, beer isn't just good for breakfast. So perhaps my initial comments were a bit premature.

03/28/13 06:12 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
FG ended up at 1.002, FYI. Mash was I think about 149 or 150F.
04/08/13 02:21 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
I find it it more citrusy than 3724 or 3726 with less peppery phenolic. I prefer 3726 Farmhouse. I wish they made that the standard offering and 3711 the PC.
04/18/13 04:57 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
Yup, 3711 is definitely more citrus in my experience.
04/21/13 12:58 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3711 -- a bit bland
Fermenting it in the low 60s reduces the citrus and increased the pepper. Did for me anyway. But I still like the other strains better.
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