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02/17/14 03:04 PM  
Re: Sour Cider pt2
I have some two year old bottles from a one gallon batch of brett C still, dry cider started about four years ago. I mostly do mixed fermentations, but if I have tome to properly grow up brett for a beer, I like to make a little more and do some side experiments. An easy one around here is a good gallon jug of Sonoma county unfiltered organic apple juice in September or October. Get an airlock that fits, pop in the Brett and servomyces capsule, and wait a few years.

The Brett C cider has the aspect of Brettanomyces that I perceive as leathery going to slightly rubbery. I like that character in the face of some complexity, but it overcame any delicacy of the cider to make a pretty simply funky liquid. Of course, I'm not a skilled cider maker, and a mix of apples could help out.

If I do this simple side experiment again, I will slightly carbonate the cider with the best available fresh apple juice. On a small batch scale I'd probably use a food processor and then coffee filter paper to get great juice. I love how Brett expresses fresh fruit, so I think a late addition of delicious apple would help in a cider. I've done that before when carbonating a pineapple pLambic. (Carbonating ciders with fresh juice is not uncommon, so there are charts and suggestions to be found. It pretty much works the same way with Brett, it just takes two or three times longer to carbonate and condition in the bottle.)
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