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Nick P.
01/23/13 11:57 AM  
Obviously grapes aren't exactly in season right now, but I have a bunch of sours going that I'd like to eventually put on some fruit, including, grapes.

Anyone have an idea where to get some Grapes? Quality Grape juice? Muscato, Trebbianno, or other varieties.

I'm in Minneapolis which makes it tough!

Mike T
01/23/13 04:28 PM  
Re: Grapes?
I had good luck with a bucket of frozen grapes (Carbernet sauvignon) from Midwest a couple years ago. They have several varieties currently, including: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/italian-trebbiano.html
Nick P.
01/30/13 09:49 AM  
Re: Grapes?
When you got that bucket from Midwest, was it juice with must, or was it just juice that was frozen and already had yeast in it?

My understanding that those trebbiano grape buckets are just the juice and they've already pitched yeast into the bucket so that as soon as you thaw it, it starts fermenting.

I don't believe they do whole grapes anymore.

Nick P.
01/30/13 09:57 AM  
Re: Grapes?
It looks like those Trebbiano's are whole grapes. I need to get a group buy together with my crew!
01/31/13 03:05 PM  
Re: Grapes?
The Trebbiano's are not whole, but rather crushed and de-stemmed.

I'm sure this would be pretty good to blend with beer, but unless you're tied to this varietal you could just shop around for any wine kit with a grape skin pack.

Mike T
02/01/13 10:56 AM  
Re: Grapes?
The bucket I bought was mostly crushed/destemmed, but they were still relatively whole and had a few stems/leaves. Hard to image the yeast would survive being frozen in the must? Although a Wyeast pack of 3711 showed up slushy a few days ago, but started right up.
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