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12/29/12 04:38 PM  
Heavy Bottles
Does anyone know of a source for heavy bottles that will take the pressures associated with the higher carbed styles ie berliner weisse geuze lambic etc? I know of some suppliers of the corkable and cappable rr style 375's, but they are quite expensive. Thanks!
12/29/12 05:38 PM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
I've been on a mission as well to find affordable heavier bottles. Now I just basically beg, and scrounge for bottles because there really isn't anything out there besides 750ml champagne bottles and the 375ml "vinnie" bottles. There's a lot of bottles there that I'd buy but unfortunately no one carries them.


12/29/12 06:16 PM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
I've run into the same situation. Aside from buying commercial beers and saving the bottles or paying a hefty sum for the vinnie bottles plus shipping there doesn't seem to be an economical alternative. I was hoping to land some of the 3F style bottles to no avail. Good luck and thanks for the link. If I come across a viable option I'll be sure to post back.
12/29/12 07:15 PM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
I've often thought about buying a pallet or two of some of those bottles and getting some cases made to ship/hold the bottles. I just don't have the space to house a pallet or two of bottles and paying for a storage facility wouldn't make it very economical for me to resell and have a decent price.
01/21/13 10:33 AM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
I've been using these bottles because I can cap them.


I've also bought some of the 375 "capable" vinnie style bottles from NB


They are expensive though

01/21/13 10:50 AM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
Bill, do you have a local bar that sells beer in the kind of bottles you want? They may be OK handing over the empties.
01/23/13 02:00 AM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
Steve, that is a great idea... dankbrewer, thanks for the links, I didn't know of the midwest champagne style bottles but I have been saving Martinellis cider bottles which from what I can tell look similar, but they are cappable. Smokinghole, a PALLET! How much does that run???
01/23/13 02:36 PM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
I have a bottle shop by my work, The Four Firkins, they save all of the bottles from beers that they sample and give them to Homebrewers. I you are lucky enough to have a place like that near you...seek them out!
01/23/13 04:22 PM  
Re: Heavy Bottles
Weizen bottles are usually rated to hold 5-6 volumes, so that's an easy option to collect if you drink those beers. The stubby 330ml Belgian bottles that have the tiered neck will also hold sufficient carbonation for sour beers. Some of the sour brewers bottle in those as well.

If you want to capture some 750ml champagne bottles in a hurry just stop by a place that does a champagne/mimosa brunch on the weekends. They will go through lots of bottles in a weekend and should be willing to hold some for you to pick up at the end of brunch.

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