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Like the BBB, the homeBBBrew board is not a club, just a place to talk about making beer. Is there a swap you would like to see happen? If we can find a few others who have something similar then lets do it!

I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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12/07/12 02:10 PM  
If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Awesome, we have our 8, the swap will involve everyone sending 1 beer to a fellow swapper and if you can also to whomever ends up as our celebrity guest. Everybody will have 4 fellow swappers. Everyone will have 4 swap partners.

I only have mailing info for 3 people, so far we are all EST (the more diverse the time zones are the harder it is to schedule the actual event, so this is good).

The next step is to gather all key info from everyone. Here's what we need ASAP:

Nick P: mailing address

CASK1: mailing address, email address, available beers

coff: mailing address, email address

MattC: mailing address

Luke: mailing address, available beers

Please send all missing info to steve at cmg dot net

12/07/12 04:18 PM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
We have swap info for our session guest!
12/07/12 09:37 PM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Seeing what everyone is bringing to the table, here would be my pick on what beers people send. What do you think?

We could do a fruityfunk flight: MattF's ECY sour cherry strong ale, my ambient cassis, Luke's All-Brett Belgian Pale w/Plums and CASK's plum lambic. Everyone in this flight ships to each other.

The other team might then be: Gabe's hoppy brett saison, coff's Farmhouse Saison (ECY03), Matt's sour blonde and Nick's Barrel aged Belgian Blonde. Like above, all ship to each other.


12/08/12 07:48 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
I also have a Sour Blonde (ok maybe its a Golden Strong) fermented with Bugfarm 5 if you think that would be a better fit than my Farmhouse Saison.
Gabe H
12/08/12 08:38 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
My brett saison is very fruity - I'd be in to ship to everyone if everyone is interested in swapping with me. I used ECY03 Coff, if that makes a difference on what you want to send out. I've got two versions, one is made with wheat/dry hopped with nelson and the other rye / dry hopped with citra. I've got enough to send both to everyone. I know it will get expensive, but I'll consider this my monthly (or two months of) fancy beer night. I'll try and throw a bonus in there, too. Not sure if I'll have my brett C porter ready or something less funky, but I figure 3 bottles can't cost much more than 2 and I've been brewing like a fiend.
12/08/12 09:30 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Hey, so I should emphasize that since I don't know these beers beyond how they are named, the call as to the best beer to send would be up to you guys. Coff, no prob, and going to the sour blonde doesn't effect the grouping, so by all means do what you feel puts your best foot forward. I replaced the reference to your beer on the swap page.

BTW Gabe, for the first all brett swap I pushed the gravity envelopes, an all brett C Berlinner Weisse and a barley wine! The BW was one of the most chocolaty beers I've ever had that contained no actual chocolate.

Nick, I put you down for the Barrel aged Belgian Blonde, but what is the Honey Wine Barrel? Of course please also put in the beer you'd most like us to taste.

One more thing, the easy formula is for everybody to just ship within your group, but if somebody sees a beer outside their group they'd really like to be in on let me know. There is no reason we can't mix up the lists. I want to be sure I don't come off as rigid, my plan is really intended as a starting point. The only thing I'm rigid on is that everyone walking away feeling the cyber tasting approach is kickass.

12/09/12 11:15 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
I'm happy to send my All-Brett Pale Plum. Last time I tasted it was still a bit young and unrefined, ~8 months since brewday, but the funk is strong with this one!

My other beer, a barrel-aged sour, is one of my favorite homebrews though. It's actually lightly fruited as well because I periodically added frozen peaches to the barrel to reduce head space.

Too bad this didn't happen a few months ago as I made 3 different fruited gose's this summer that went far too quickly! Might still have a bottle or two of the blueberry gose and the 'plum chutney' gose if anyone is super interested.

12/10/12 01:38 PM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
If you have a change of heart and want to send your other fruited beer just let me know. Though being your fav makes it seem like maybe holding on to it is a better idea!

I looked into Google + and why I could not install it. My admin told me:

Google + is a "Premium" feature for corporate accounts and we don't have it. It's Ralph's fault!

Ralph being the boss. It seems that Google + is not a completely accessible way to go, so I'll start looking for a chatroom.

12/10/12 07:22 PM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Similar to Gabe, I'd rather ship at least 2 bottles, more bang for the buck. For me, that would be 1 bottle of my barrel-aged sour and 1 bottle of the All-Brett plum beer.

Is there a group of people that want to ship 2+ bottles? I don't necessarily need an equal return, but that would be another way to group things.

12/10/12 08:20 PM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Good question, let's find out...
12/11/12 07:24 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Matt F is also good for an extra. Nick, you out there? You had a nice long list of possible brews...
12/11/12 09:42 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
I can add a wood-aged Flanders red, but it would need to be bottled and carbed, so it depends on the timing of the actual tasting. I'll bottle ASAP just in case!
12/11/12 10:18 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
Realistically we'd only be sampling one of the two bottles during the session. The 2 bottle team could plan a followup session on their own for a later date. So a bottle that is not ready to go by whenever the session is would be fine.
Nick P.
12/11/12 12:42 PM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
I won't be able to do the Belgian Blonde. That is still in the barrel and I didn't realize this was gonna go down so quick. I have a Kriek and a Saison Brett that I can swap.

12/22/12 11:03 AM  
Re: If you are in the beer swap READ THIS
2 packages out this morning, possibly there for Monday. I held back Nick's and the one for the brewery till I return next week...
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