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12/06/12 09:02 AM  
Is 54 F to low for a sour?
I brewed my first sour, a Flanders red, a couple of weeks ago. I used the Wyeast Roeselare blend in the primary and I plan to rack to secondary in a week or two. During winter my cellar is around 54 F, is this to cold for aging?

Any help is appreciated.


12/06/12 09:25 AM  
Re: Is 54 F to low for a sour?
My guess would be that it would have a stifling impact. Traditionally speaking, lambic can't be all that they can be till they've aged over a couple summers. I doubt 54F would end bacterial activity, but I'd bet heavily it would seriously slow it down. I'd be concerned that this is happening before activity could get a strong foothold.
12/06/12 11:13 AM  
Re: Is 54 F to low for a sour?
My basement is around 59-62 in the winter, and my sours do fine. What was the temp right after you pitched the blend? I think temp control is probably most important when the sac yeast are doing their thing at the outset. I usually try to brew a flanders in the spring and fall when my basement temp is in the 60s, then let it go up/down with the seasons. I don't think you'll have any problems.
12/06/12 01:57 PM  
Re: Is 54 F to low for a sour?
I've managed to keep it around 64 so far, but I probably won't be able to keep it that cool in the apartement for long. So I basically will have to choose between 70 in the apartement or 54 in the cellar. I guess I will keep it up here until after Christmas and then rack to secondary and move it to the basement. Thanks!
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