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12/03/12 08:22 PM  
Lacto starter lag time
I pitched 2 tubes of WL lacto and 1 pack of WY lacto into a starter made from half apple juice and half wort w/ nutrients added three days ago. It has been sitting with a heat pad at around 110, and I am not seeing much activity. I get a burp out of the airlock every 30 seconds or so, and the mixture doesnt look cloudy at all as some people have said theirs had done. There is a fine layer of sediment on the bottom, other than that I've got nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this going? I'm pitching it on Weds.
Gabe H
12/04/12 08:39 AM  
Re: Lacto starter lag time
Can't lacto just make more lacto and lactic acid and not any gas? There is a word for that, ah, homefermentive. It's probably just happily reproducing in the absence of oxygen.

Whatcha brewing?

12/04/12 10:59 AM  
Re: Lacto starter lag time
i had the same problem with both WL and WY lately. last time i used the ECY lacto things were ROCKIN the next day. I finally got the WL to do something after about a week in a pure malt starter. i dunno about the apple juice i used. I think it may have had some weird preservative that stunted the lacto growth?
12/04/12 11:51 AM  
Re: Lacto starter lag time
In my experience, fresh lacto packs work well, but older packs are a little finicky. I think the only way to tell if the lacto starter is working is to taste it. If it's sour, it's working. btw, I usually pitch the entire starter. I figure if your not aerating the starter, there's no need to decant and waste the soured wort.
12/05/12 01:31 AM  
Re: Lacto starter lag time
Thanks guys. I'm brewing up a Berliner tomorrow...whether or not the lacto is ready :) This will be day 5 and I'm seeing a few small bubbles rising to the surface, I'd say a few every second, but still minimal airlock activity. If I could get my hands on some ECY lacto I would be in heaven believe me. The packs I got were very fresh, and I will take your advise and taste it in the am.
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