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11/27/12 11:57 PM  
Slanting bug blends?
Does anyone have any positive experience slanting sour blends for long term storage? I would imagine the proportions of the blend would alter over time, but I figure that's not a problem as it tends to alter itself during fermentation anyway. Would adding CaCO3 to the agar help buffer the acidity produced by the lactic acid bacteria? What nutrient media would be best for such an endeavor?
12/01/12 02:04 PM  
Re: Slanting bug blends?
I've never slanted a culture but I had done cryogenic preps. I have not attempted to regrow from those cryo preps yet but they've been at -80C for over a year now. Maybe I'll try and drop my former university to see if I can take a quick stab out of the vial to start a liquid culture.

With all that said I hear that it's best to keep them warm rather than cold. I've read stuff from Chad Yakobsen and the Science Brewer blog about brett/bacteria cultures not fairing well with cryo preps/cold slants.

12/02/12 01:49 AM  
Re: Slanting bug blends?
I'll check out his blog, sounds interesting. So basically his thoughts are to do more of a continual feeding I would imagine. Thanks for the info!
12/02/12 04:18 AM  
Re: Slanting bug blends?
i also read/heard Chad Yakobsen say he keeps him brett cultures at room temp. but i don't know he does that for long term storage or for his brewery frequent use.

12/04/12 12:41 PM  
Re: Slanting bug blends?
I froze a wild blend of stuff I caught off fruit. I froze it using the common glycerine/home freezer method. It took off ok and there's a pellicle in the fermentor. I haven't tasted it yet to see if it's any good or speculate on what survived freezing but definitely more than sacc survived.
12/05/12 01:34 AM  
Re: Slanting bug blends?
How did you isolate the buggies/sacc from the fruit? Swab or just dunk it in some wort?
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