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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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David Grymonpre
11/21/12 10:15 AM  
Fruit Lambic with Oranges
Has anyone tried using oranges for a fruit lambic? I have 3 carboys with 5 gallons of lambic fermenting and a tree full of Satsuma oranges. They are getting sweet now and I will need to harvest over the next couple weeks. I was thinking of 1 gallon with orange peels and 1 gallon with juice from a couple dozen oranges. Any warnings or suggestions?
11/21/12 11:23 AM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
I think you don't see orange used as much because it can sometimes be quite acidic and also not add much complexity to flavor.

I've had good success using bottled Volcano orange juice in a sour wheat beer (750ml into 3gls). I also added 1lb of peaches and dried hopped this beer with citra.

Also, Crooked Stave has an orange beer, Wild Wild Brett Orange, which is really nice in my opinion.

Nick P.
11/28/12 05:36 PM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
I was just thinking about this same thing today. What about Lemon's as well? Seems like I love when the acid in a Lambic or Am. Wild is leaning towards the citrus flavors yet not a lot of talk about adding Lemon, or orange direct to sours. I'd love some insight as well.

11/29/12 10:48 AM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
My guess is that you do not see oranges and lemons in Belgian lambic because oranges and lemons don't grow in Belgium. If they did there is no chance somebody would not have tried adding them. Lambic takes so long, if it were me I'd scale everything down, pull out a qt. or half gal. and add a proportional amount of citrus stuff to that. I'd pilot it because the one possible downside would be the acid from the fruit could mask the natural acid from fermentation. You can sour lambic by adding acid, sidestepping the time involved with bacterial acid development. This approach though is renowned for yeilding very un-complex tasting beer. I think to get the citrus to work side by side with the natural acidity you'd really need to nail your proportions.
Mike T
12/03/12 11:42 AM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
Friends of mine, Dave and Becky Pyle, often will blend some of their sharper homebrewed lambic with orange juice and put it on tap immediately. Allowing the sweetness of the juice to remain helps balance the acidity. Gueuze-mosa they’ve dubbed it.
12/03/12 12:40 PM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
Wow - home brewer of the year Dave Pyle! Haven't seen him in years, the night he won the AHA title a bottle of La Folie I'd given him on was among the celebration lineup. I wonder if I've met you? I've hung with BURP a few times.

Interesting doing it "faro style".

Mike T
12/03/12 03:57 PM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
I don't think so... although it's possible. Although clearly we run in the same circles, I believe my good friend Nathan ran into you in Belgium a couple years ago.

I don't make it to BURP meetings too often any more. If you find yourself headed to a meeting or down to the DC area, let me know!

12/03/12 04:00 PM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
Really? I'm more used to running into familiar Brits over there, typically in Bruges. Can you dial in that encounter?
Mike T
12/04/12 09:48 AM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
Nathan was over there for the Cantillon Open Brew Day, and Zythos maybe three years ago. I think he said it was somewhere that was big on sausages? Sort of a wacky owner? I'll have to ask him if that doesn't job your memory.
12/04/12 11:14 AM  
Re: Fruit Lambic with Oranges
Actually never been to Cantillon or Zythos. I made it to the 24Uur once, truth be told I'm not a fan of beer festivals. Great selections there to be sure, but I find the venues and scope of crowd sucks the charm out of the beer enjoyment experience. Sitting in a country inn with a local brew or a stone wine cellar pub sitting room in Rochefort with a goblet of 8 is more for me. I like the environment to be as brilliant as the beer. By and large I avoid sausages as well! Although there is certainly no shortage of wacky shop owners (of all kinds) in Belgium...!
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