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11/17/12 08:49 PM  
Lambic Pitch Schedule
Hey everyone, this is my first post here and I have to say I am very impressed with all of the great information available here on the boards. I had a question about pitching bugs in a Lambic style ale. It seems like many out there pitch all of the bugs/yeast either in primary or aging/secondary, while others follow a strict schedule trying to emulate the spontaneous fermentation schedule of Belgium by staggering their additions. I would like to get the pros/cons of each method from anyone who would like to share some advice with me. Thanks in advance and I look forward to learning more from you all!
11/19/12 10:58 AM  
Re: Lambic Pitch Schedule
I don't buy into the staggered pitch schedule. There is the idea that, as the wort cools in the coolship, different microflora survive and start building before others. I don't know how much truth is in that. Regardless, I look at that as a single "pitch" of yeast in the coolship. The wort is then put into barrels that have been aging lambic for many years and have a healthy size culture inoculated in the wood. I'd argue that culture is responsible for a good amount of determining what takes off and when.

The thing with lambic is that it is almost its own little ecosystem. As long as there is everything needed, they will figure it out themselves.

11/27/12 10:51 PM  
Re: Lambic Pitch Schedule
I second that. Just dump everything you've got in at once and let it go. I've had great success letting the beer do what it will and not trying to control too much.
11/27/12 11:53 PM  
Re: Lambic Pitch Schedule
Thanks guys for the input. It makes total sense to drop everything you have together as opposed to staggering the pitches. I brewed my first lambic last week and unfortunately my bug shipment hadn't arrived in the mail, so I had to pitch my sacc strain first and will pitch my bugs tomorrow when they get here (about 10 days between sac and bugs). I just got my hands on some ECY20, so I'm going to brew up another batch and use that in primary...I guess after a few years I will be able to answer my own question as to which method is better :)
Nick P.
11/29/12 04:10 PM  
Re: Lambic Pitch Schedule
I typically pitch everything right away and let it all "party" together for the duration! Here are the only reasons why I think I would stagger.

1. Ferment with Sacc strain first as to have a cleaner, less funky and/or less acidic finished product.

2. Pitch Brett later on in fermentation in order to (A) get a more pronounce Brett character, or (B) in order to see where the beer is initially by tasting it and then decide what type of brett to use for it's specific flavor characteristics.

3. The only reason you'd want to pitch Lacto and Pedio late in fermentation would be to restrain the bacteria and create a less tart finished product while allowing the Brett to develop in the mean time. Right?

11/29/12 09:29 PM  
Re: Lambic Pitch Schedule
11/30/12 10:59 AM  
Re: Lambic Pitch Schedule
@Nick P.

I would say if you are doing those things, for those reasons, you aren't trying to make lambic.

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