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Gabe H
10/29/12 12:59 PM  
Nelson-Citra Saison hop schedule help
Brewing a 'new school' saison with ECY03, Nelson, & Citra. I've never used either hop before and am looking for some feedack on my hop schedule.

I'm brewing a 7 gallon batch with 1.062 OG. Thinking of 16g of both Citra and Nelson at 30 min & 11.5g ea at 15 min and flame out, shooting for around 35 BU and possibly dry hopping. I think the Citra I have is 14+% and Nelson is about 11%. Any feedback much appreciated.

10/29/12 01:35 PM  
Re: Nelson-Citra Saison hop schedule help
I brewed a nelson/sorachi ace saison not long a go an used 14 g of each at 10 min and 28 g of each at flame out, and really love it (also used about 7 g of magnum at 60 for bittering. the nelson really came true when young.

I have also used 28 g of citra at 10 min and flame out in a citra saison. both where really good. In fact i just brewed another saison this weekend and again used 28 g at 10 and 28 g at flame out, this time simcoe.

a lot of people argue against 30 min additions as you don't get much flavor or bittering so is kind of a waste of hops. I would just use a lot less at 60 min (like 7 g of nelson) also 16 g of each at 30 plus your 15 min additions are going to get you to 50 or more IBU.

So in short, i would keep your 15 and flame out addition as they are but cut the 30 min.

Gabe H
11/01/12 09:52 AM  
Re: Nelson-Citra Saison hop schedule help
Thanks for the suggestions. Think I'm ok on IBUs, unless I'm worse at math than I think. I forgot to mention the pound of turbinado sugar at flameout, so utilization is lower than expected for the OG.

I ended up going with 16.5g of Citra at 60 & 11.5g ea Nelson & Citra at 15 and flameout. Did two batches. 20% wheat in one and 20% rye in the other. Got lazy and left foil on yesterdays brew instead of putting a blow off in before bed and had a great smelling mess to clean up this morning.

Gabe H
11/14/12 10:05 AM  
Re: Nelson-Citra Saison hop schedule help
Tasted gravity samples from both batches yesterday. I'm going to skip the bittering altogether next time, it just doesn't fit in to what I'm going for. Planning on going with a 15 minute addition and then dry hopping the next batch.
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