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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/28/12 10:00 AM  
new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
has anyone seen/tried this:


Mike T
10/31/12 04:21 PM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
Interesting, always nice to have a new dried yeast choice for Belgian beers. I'll give it a shot when I see it!
Gabe H
11/01/12 09:45 AM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
Cool! Look forward to trying this. T-58 isn't bad, IMO, but I wouldn't use if for a Saison.
Nate O
12/28/12 03:04 PM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
I just picked up a packet. I'll give this a shot next month, and report back with my impressions.
Nathan V
12/28/12 05:57 PM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
Brewed with it a two weeks ago. Will probably take sample on Sunday when I brew again. Fermentation very very vigorous with yeast forming big chunks. Blowoff smelled quite vinous. Temp was 70 deg ambient. Will report back more, but I have high hopes for a legit dry saison strain.
Nathan V
12/30/12 09:27 PM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
Just took the sample. The flavor is saisony, but not really spectacular. I still prefer 565, but the ease of having a dry option makes them a bit more neck and neck. Also, it took the beer, a christmas saison, from 1.070 to 1.004 in no time. Kind of makes me think of a dry 3711. Just repitched it into a pale lower gravity version so we'll see what happens there.
01/03/13 06:15 AM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
thanks for the feed back guys. now if i could only get my hands on some.
Gabe H
01/03/13 07:55 AM  
Re: new Saison dry yeast from Danstar
I've seen it on Northern Brewer & other online retailers should have it soon, if not already. Do you have someone in the US you can have ship some to you? If not, maybe I can.
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