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Canadian Belgian 3864
10/19/12 08:09 PM  
Canadian Belgian 3864
Has anyone used this yeast for a beer in the 1050 to 1055 range. 4.7kg pils, 500g wheat malt, 200g sugar hopped to about 17 ibu with Spalt and Saphire.

Naturally any other comments on this yeast will be very much appreciated.


10/23/12 06:17 PM  
Re: Canadian Belgian 3864
Well my beer isn't in the keg as yet however a few quick thoughts on this yeast. I open fermented this beer and pitched at about 16c. It is spring here and the temperature forecast was for rising temperature over a 5 day period ending at about 30c. For once the forecast was very accurate. For the first 24 hours and until visible fermentation I kept the lid on my brew bucket but not sealed. I have a son of fermentation brew box and for open fermenting just put some frozen bottles around the base of the bucket in the initial stages so the temperature remains at around 17 - 18 for the first couple of days. As soon as fermentation was producing enough CO2 I took the lid off the bucket. Because it was such a light coloured beer there was very little to skim off the krausen. By the 5th day the OG has reached 1.015 so I put the lid back on and now the yeast is chugging down the last few points.

Tasting was fun at each stage, you have to love open fermentation. This yeast has proved in this beer to be very clean and dare I say neutral. There is typical Belgian character but quite restrained. The fermented wort has a wonderful crisp fruitiness but not like tasting a can of fruit salad. The wort was mashed as a single infusion at 66c for a SG of 1.053.


I wanted this to be a fast turnaround "house Belgian" that could be kegged and consummed a bit like an English pub beer. I loof forward to tasting if it meets those requirements.

01/10/13 11:42 PM  
Re: Canadian Belgian 3864
Very low flocculant yeast that seemed to work slowly. Very neutral at 63 degrees, I even did a pretty good English barleywine with it. Flocks pretty quickly when chilled.

01/18/13 01:50 PM  
Re: Canadian Belgian 3864
I cultured some from a bottle of Fin du Monde. Maybe the same yeast, maybe not. It seems about 60/40 on the internets that 3864 is the Fin du Monde bottling+fermenting strain, but there's the vocal minority saying otherwise.

In any case, I'm sitting next to a 5 gallon carboy of it now. Day 6 and it's smelling powerfully delicious. The whole room. Very little aroma when I started fermenting at 66F. I held it at 65-66 for two days, then raised the temp 2 degrees per day for the next 5 days to a high of 78F. Once it hit about 74, the aroma became very perfumey with a little spicy smell. I did some late additions with Opal hops. That's a new hop for me so its hard to tell where the yeast stops and the hop aroma starts.

Obviously, nobody knows how it will turn out until lagered, bottled, and conditioned over the next two months. I made a golden strong with Wyeast 1388 that smelled absolutely amazing in the carboy and fermenting room, but once I pulled a sample to check the gravity, it was pure solvent.

That's the price you pay for underpitching I think.

02/11/13 09:16 PM  
Re: Canadian Belgian 3864
I bottled the aforementioned beer from the post on 1/18 last night. It turned out much better than I thought. It's quite strong, with a perfumey alcohol and honey smell. Fruity, but not really like you would think. Not Duvel strain fruity, more flowery smelling.

This was from the test container sample at 64F. Very slight funky, slightly spicy, and a relatively "clean" flavor for Belgian beer. At that temp, you notice the alcohol quite a bit. Not hot, but definitely there.

It's quite strong. I intended it to be around 8.5%, but it ended up at 1.006 from 1.080 I think. So 90% ADF and 9.6% abv. I thought it would stop at 1.010. I had maybe 10-12% (as weight) sucrose I added. Mash was something like 149F which falls in my el-cheapo cooler to 147.5F over an hour.

I didn't chill my a whole lot and it cleared nicely. I transferred to a clearing vessel for a week and held it at 52F for that time. Cleared quite well. I did re-yeast with some fresh at bottling.

A very nice yeast. I would totally brew this again.

04/08/13 02:36 PM  
Re: Canadian Belgian 3864
Another yeast strain I've been very happy with. No reason it should not work out in a mid gravity beer. I like to pitch in the mid 60's and ramp it up to mid to high 70's. I really enjoy the fruity esters you get from this strain. Citrus and pear more than bubblegum and banana. Doesn't get solventy in my experience.
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