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Scott J
10/17/12 04:22 PM  
WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
Supposedly this is the Orval yeast without the Brett. However, I brewed a Belgian Blonde ale with it a couple months ago and tasted a bottle last night and it DEFINATELY has Brett. I know that White Labs has quality control out the wazoo (probably better than mine) but I am wondering if this one got past them. Has anyone else used this strain from them lately and gotten similar results? I don't particularly mind my results (I now have a great Orval clone) but I am glad I noticed this during fermentation and did not harvest and pitch this in my Belgian Golden Strong - as was my intention.
10/18/12 11:17 AM  
Re: WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
I haven't used this years release, but I brewed a beer with the Bastogne last time it was released and there was no brett to be found.
10/18/12 03:12 PM  
Re: WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
I'm reluctant to trust taste perception as an indicator of infection.

What was your fermentation temp?

White Labs describes WLP510 fermentation profile as "more clean" than other Abbey Ale yeasts, but in my experience you only get a really clean profile when you ferment below 65F.

I brewed a Belgian Pale with WLP510 last spring (60-65F) and got more yeast character than I expected, but nothing that I would immediately attribute to a Brett infection.

Nick P.
10/19/12 09:51 AM  
Re: WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
My brew club did a Barrel project and 7 batch's were primary fermented with Bastogne and I assure you there was no brett in them. Is it possible that you have infected your batch with brett?
Nick P.
10/19/12 10:04 AM  
Re: WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
My clubs experience was 7 months ago...not sure if they re-released since then?
Scott J
10/23/12 05:50 PM  
Re: WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
I am sure it is possible that I infected the batch but none of the beers I brewed before or after that have had a brettanomyces infection so that is why I wonder if something was wrong with the yeast I bought. Fermentaion temp was under 70F.
Scott J
11/21/12 04:19 PM  
Re: WLP 510 Bastogne Ale Yeast
Well, in the last homebrew contest here (Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Comp) the Belgian Blonde entered as Belgian Specialty (Orval clone) took 1st in Belgian and French and the other half of the batch (same mash, same boil) without the sugar addition fermented with lager yeast too 1st in Light Lager (as a Dortmunder Export).
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