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10/15/12 07:32 PM  
is 75 F to high for a sour beer ?
I have two sour beers going on, both where low gravity (~ 1.050) pale ales that got contaminated and have gotten dregs from many sours. One is more than a year old, added sour cherries to it during the summer and I think is close to be done, I plan to bottle it by December. The other is much more recent, brewed about two month a go, FG 0.015, has gone down maybe a point since then.

Until this week both beers where at 65-68 F, but this week I moved to a new place, an apartment, and they are both now at 75 F. I turn off the heating in the apartment as soon as I moved in, as I don't like my apartment that hot, but the temperature won't go down as the neighbors keep their apartment at who know what temp (80-90? it seems some people in Canada like to pretend they live in Hawaii, I don't blame them).

The question is, is this (75 F) too high for the sour beers? is anything bad going to happen to them? should i try to find a new home for them, maybe a friend's basement or something like that? Any imput or experiences are greatly appreciated. thanks.

Nick P.
10/19/12 10:10 AM  
Re: is 75 F to high for a sour beer ?
I don't believe that will have an ill effect on your beer. In fact it may have a desired effect. I know that Lambic brewers cellars' fluctuate in temperature with the seasons and they will say things like, after the second summer, the beer is ready to bottle. This summer I've tried to replicate this process by keeping my sours at 70-75 all summer long in a heated room. This has had no ill effects and they are all tasting amazing!

You should be fine. I wouldn't push it into the 80+ range though. I have nothing to back that up with though.

10/19/12 12:53 PM  
Re: is 75 F to high for a sour beer ?
Thank for the reply. I guess i ll keep track , in case they are getting to sour/funky.
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