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09/12/12 09:55 AM  
10G Barrel with brett Trios, brett C and brett Lam
The other day I brewed a 1070 base beer for my 10G barrel. I used it for a sour about a year ago and now a friend in giving it the 180 deg wash and ozone at his winery.

I would like to push this beer in a fruity/tart direction with a hint of funk. The yeast I plan on pitching is the WLP Brux Trios, WLP Brett C and WLP Lamb. I will taste it in a few months and see if I want any lacto in it.

My questions is: has any one else had good luck with combining some of the fruity bretts with the more funky ones?



Paul V
09/12/12 11:59 AM  
Re: 10G Barrel with brett Trios, brett C and brett
Definitely build up a big culture if you want more of the fruity direction. I have had great results with Drie and C as primary. You could try building a smaller starter of L compared to the others so they can reach a higher cell count faster. How tart are you wanting it? I do a Brett Ipa using a blend of BSI Drie, CMY1, Brett C, and Brett B. Turns out really fruity and balances with the excessive late hops well.
Nick P.
09/12/12 12:17 PM  
Re: 10G Barrel with brett Trios, brett C and brett
I recently did a 100% Brett Brown Porter and used Brett C, Brett Drie (Avery 15 culture), and Brett L. in equal portions. I'm not very happy with the result as the funkyness of the Brett L is overwhelming all other flavors right now. I think if I was to try this again I'd either leave the Brett L out, or I'd pitch a lot less of it.

So to your question...no I haven't had good luck when pitched in equal portions in primary of a 100% brett beer.

09/12/12 01:05 PM  
Re: 10G Barrel with brett Trios, brett C and brett
Is it wine, bourbon or neutral barrel?

I've had some good success with staged Brett fermentation. I like to start with Brett C, then pitch Brett L after noticeable fermentation, then Brett B after a few more days.

We put a Belgian Pale recipe (1.058 O.G.) with this ferment schedule into a 6.5 gl used Bourbon barrel and it turned into one of my favorite brews. The barrel already had a few clean beers pass through it before that one though.

The beer did fall off a bit after ~8 months in bottles but in the meantime it was delicious.

09/12/12 05:53 PM  
Re: 10G Barrel with brett Trios, brett C and brett

My barrel is a few years used. I would like to split the difference between funk and fruity. More like a light lemon/citrus with some funk. I am thinking Boon-ish.

For now I might hit it with the WLP Brett brux Trois and WLP C and wait.

Then in a few weeks or months I would add the Brett Lamb. Or I could let the barrel age for 6 months and use the brett Lamb in the bottling for half and the other half a neutral yeast.

Just looking to get some beer in between a lacto forward barrel I have now and barnyard; from a batch a few years back.

Thanks. BW

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