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Andy M
09/10/12 12:48 PM  
Bottling a Brett L beer.
I have a big Old Ale I brewed in November that I would like to bottle. I mashed really high and the final gravity was 1030 when I added Brett L in December 2011. It has been bulk aging since then and now the gravity is at 1010. I'm pretty happy with the taste except that I may not be too fond of treacle, but aging isn't going to change that.

I haven't bottled in like 10 years and this is my first Brett beer so I thought I would ask for some advice.

Do I need big thick bottles or has the Brett pretty much done it's thing? I'm assuming I need to add some yeast at bottling time. Any suggestion on what yeast to use. It seams like I read here somewhere that US04 would work. Would it be easier to just carbonate it in a keg then fill up bottles that way?

Thanks guys. I have enjoyed the forum for nearly a year now.


09/11/12 10:16 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
In my opinion the Brett is close to finished. Thick bottles will certainly safeguard against extra attenuation though.

The proper bottling yeast for a "sour" of this gravity is still in debate though. US-04 is a good choice if the pH is relatively balanced and the ABV is under 10%.

Champagne yeast can be more reliable, but may also contribute a simple sweetness (welcomed in some of my beers).

There's also a fabled "rockpile" wine yeast which I have yet to reliably source...

09/11/12 10:20 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
Just to be clear, if your beer is at a reasonable ABV (<6%), a reasonable pH, and is young (<3months)...my preference is to bottle condition with the existing yeast.
Andy M
09/12/12 01:07 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
Thanks Luke.

This is a really big beer. Probably around 12.5%. The PH should not be very low though. It's not super tart.

Sounds like US-04 may not be great to bottle this beer with.

I found a 8 oz packet of Rockpile on Morewine for $2. Do I use the entire packet in 5 gallons?


09/12/12 01:21 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
I don't think you need the whole packet. Here's a great resource for pitching rates at bottling:


09/12/12 05:55 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.

I used Rockpile a few years ago in a bottling and it worked great at less then half a pack per 5 batch. You might think about using some brett and Rockpile like RR does.

Good luck.


09/12/12 11:51 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.

The bottling was a year old sour and it worked great. I am planing on use the same brett and Rockpile next week when I bottle a 2 YO wild brew from a 60G barrel.


09/13/12 03:41 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
US-04 is usually my go to. I only use maybe 1/10 of a packet and never have any issues. 12.5% might be pushing it a bit though. I've done upwards of 10-11% with it but haven'tr tried anything beyond that. Will have to try the Rockpile sometime though
Andy M
09/19/12 12:53 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
I couldn't justify $6 dollars shipping on a $2 packet of yeast so I just decided to use Red Star Premiere Cuvee.

Anyway, I shot for 2.3 volumes and I used the amount of yeast per the Northern Brewer link Cask1 suggested. http://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/AdvancedBottleConditioning.pdf I made a slurry with 100 ml water and 1/4 tsp then I used a tbsp (15 ml) of that slurry.

I'm definitely not going to start bottling anything but my sours. I can manage it a couple times a year, but it sure is a pita.

Thanks for the suggestions!


09/20/12 10:02 AM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
Please let us know how the Red Star Premiere Cuvee works for you Andy.

It's certainly more widely available but I've shied away from it due to concerns over "compatability" (i.e. killer yeast strains).

It occurred to me now though that Rockpile is probably a "killer yeast" as well.


Andy M
09/20/12 02:51 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
I've listened to that podcast a few times. Tons of great info on yeast and oak. Now I know where to find it written down :O)

I thought about the killer thing, but then I figured the Sacc. was pretty much pooped out anyway. I saved the oak cubes so I can re-pitch Brett L.

10/01/12 03:54 PM  
Re: Bottling a Brett L beer.
just bottled up 5 gal of grape "lambic" yesterday that has been sitting on scuppernog grapes for a long time. really catty grape flavor, think it blends really well with the acidity. I used a half packet of rockpile alone. will report back after carbonated!
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