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Richard S
08/13/12 10:51 PM  
Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz halp
Apologies in advance is this has been asked repeatedly.

I'm tackling a few recipe possibilities and I've never really used fruit in my brews.

some of the beer i'm toying with include:

-brett claus as a primary yeast and fermenting it with mangoes

- doing a lacto-brett sour with tangerenes and/or kumquats

-soursop wheat beer with lactose (not a brett brew, but an example where I'm unsure as to when to add the soursop pulp)

when should you add fruit to a boil (if ever)? if you're using brett, should you only add fruit to a secondary fermentation? what if brett's your primary?

08/14/12 01:31 PM  
Re: Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz
Never add fruit to a boil - it activates pectins. Fruit should be added in the secondary fermentation stage.
Nate O.
08/14/12 04:24 PM  
Re: Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz
Citric acid is a pretty sharp acid. Especially if you're using Brett which will attenuate very fully, in conjunction with biological souring, I'd be very careful adding fruit that's also sour.
Richard S
08/14/12 06:12 PM  
Re: Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz
Nate O.,

I've seen orange brett beer before. Would they be intensely sour or would something be done to neutralize the citrus sour component prior to adding brett?

Nate O.
08/15/12 10:25 AM  
Re: Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz
I think you'd be fine with just citrus + Brett, or just Brett + lacto, but I'd be careful using Brett + citrus + lacto.
08/15/12 07:46 PM  
Re: Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz
I agree about citric acid. Also, if you've ever had fermented orange juice, you know it tastes nasty. The trick for me has been to find fresh citrus in season, peel it, squeeze out most of the juice, then add the pulp to the secondary. That helps cut down on the acid, yet still provide citrus like favors and aroma.
Richard S
08/16/12 06:46 AM  
Re: Beginner questions about fruit additions. Plz
Thanks, gents!
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