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07/18/12 01:19 PM  
adding raspberries to a quad
Greetings, I'm a regular at HBT, but like to come over hear to read and learn and alas, I now need advice.

I had a quad SG 1.086 stall at 1.030 last December so instead dumping it I tossed in the dregs of various bottles of gueze, lambic, etc. Its been 7 or so months and has a nice pellicle. With plenty of fresh raspberries in my yard I want to add them assuming a sample indicates a flavor that would pair well. So, this being my first go at adding fruit to a funk beer please give me thoughts on two things, how many lb's/gallon of raspberries would you all recommend as a starting point? Should I add them directly or rack ontop of them in another carboy or does it even really matter? Thanks much

07/21/12 09:36 AM  
Re: adding raspberries to a quad
A quad is typically a darker beer than can handle the acidity of raspberries in good amount. Do keep in mind that raspberries are a quite "strong" flavored fruit.

It really depends if you are attempting to make a "fruit beer" or a quad with a touch of tartness/acidity from the fruit.

If you are going for a fruit beer then I would start with 1-2#/gallon which is a lot of fruit bearing in mind that the raspberries will add to the acidity that the dregs have already added.

If you just want a touch of fruit in your quad then I would add .5-1#/gallon of beer. This should make the raspberries noticeable but not over the top providing some acidity and added tartness.

Either way, I would wash and freeze your berries to help break up their cell walls and make the sugars more accesible to the yeast/bacteria. Thaw them before using them. Add the thawed raspberries to a sanitized carboy. I like to use a 1L water bottle cut in half and sanitized as a funnel (the opening fits right in the mouth of the carboy perfectly). Push your fruit through with a sanitized spoon mashing the fruit a bit as you go into the bottom of the carboy. Carefully rack your beer on top of the fruit and if possible blanket the headspace with CO2 to help reduce oxidation. Fermentation should pick up in a day or two. It won't be overly violent but you should see some activity. Give the beer at least 3-4 mos on the fruit to let the wild yeast/bacteria enjoy the sugars. Taste at the 3 mos mark and see if you like the flavor. IF so, package it up (providing the gravity remains stable) and enjoy!

07/22/12 04:48 PM  
Re: adding raspberries to a quad
Thanks brewinhard that was exactly what I was looking for. I have 3 lbs from my raspberries so far this year already frozen so as long as what I have so far tastes alright I'll go ahead and put them in another carboy and rack.
07/23/12 04:16 PM  
Re: adding raspberries to a quad
Sampled was at 1.008 and had a strong brett L barnyard character with a nice cherry tartness in the background. So, I sanitized the ziploc bag my raspberries were in, cut 2" off the corner and smooshed them in (kind of like the 1L bottle thing) and put a nice blanket of CO2 over the top.

This is the first time playing with critters outside of lacto and brett...I'm hoping the the barnyard character will subside a little, any chance of that?

07/25/12 12:51 PM  
Re: adding raspberries to a quad
That is hard to tell. The wild yeast/bacteria have a real strong hold on your beer now so when they ferment the fruit addition out, the flavors will change again. They may become more barnyardy/goaty or they could become fruity. The raspberries may cover up some of the funk of the beer as well. Only time will tell!
07/26/12 09:32 AM  
Re: adding raspberries to a quad
My guess is the barnyard character is there to stay. The most typical response too beat that back would be to find a clean beer and blend.
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