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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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ECY in Seattle
07/14/12 10:38 PM  
yeast acquisition
I am currently working at an organic orchard in NE Washington and I do not have regular internet access so I didn't have a chance to order anything from the last release. If anyone in the Seattle area (or Portland as I will be there at the end of the month) has some slurry they'd be willing to share it would be much appreciated. Belgian style strains and blends are what I am most interested in and I might be able to give some organic cherries in return. I will be in seattle the 18th and 19th
Adam P
07/15/12 05:21 PM  
Re: yeast acquisition
I'm in Seattle. Between me and the guys I share a brewing space with we have a few varieties of ECY dregs. Assuming Al has no objection to people sharing them you are welcome to what we have. Their popularity makes it hard for ANYONE to get some at this point, even if you have regular internet access.

I'm busy the 18th but could meet up the 19th. Feel free to email me offline if you want to set it up.

adam dot paysse at gmail

I believe we have dregs of:

ECY03 Farmhouse Brett

ECY08 Saison Brasserie Blend (not 100% on this)

ECY13 Trappist

ECY18 British Mild (awesome nutty/earthy character)

If anyone in Seattle has ECY11 Belgian White or ECY17 Burton Union, those are the ones I've wanted and been unable to get and I'd love to trade dregs. Or if anyone has feedback on the profile of ECY11, I'd like to know if it has banana esters.

Al B
07/16/12 08:19 AM  
Re: yeast acquisition
Hopefully in the Fall there will be more ECY availability - I'm still waiting on some equipment for scale-up. I will be making ECY11 in the next 2 weeks.


Adam P
07/16/12 11:54 AM  
Re: yeast acquisition
That is great to hear, Al! Thanks for the update. Hopefully I'll get my hands on 11 and 17 this summer.

I've loved the results we've had with both 03 and 18. Had a Dark Strong w/ cherries at NCH 2012 that someone (?) did with BugFarm which was the highlight of the hundreds of beers at the Conference.

Gordon A
07/17/12 12:40 AM  
Re: yeast acquisition
That Bugfarm IV with cherries was mine. Glad to hear it made such a good impression! I just sent Al a bottle- hopefully it made it in ok shape without ice.

You don't happen to be the guy with the mango Bugfarm III, do you? I'd be quite happy to trade for some of that beer.

Adam P
07/19/12 01:23 PM  
Re: yeast acquisition
Nope, that wasn't mine, I decided not to bring any sours to club night. Sounds good, I didn't see it there unfortunately.
07/23/12 04:12 AM  
Re: yeast acquisition
i recently got my hands on some ECY. thanks Al for asking the guys at Love2Brew hold them for me.

I came a long way and the yeast made it home just fine. i am pretty sure i wont get another chance to buy more ECY in the future.

i am looking into freezing liquid yeast in a glycerin solution for long term storage. would that work for bugs too?

Al B
07/23/12 12:49 PM  
Re: yeast acquisition
Yes, but you will need a sub-zero freezer for long term. Vials with 12-15% glycerin will not freeze well at O degrees C, but might be OK for a year or so.


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