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Adam M
07/09/12 10:06 AM  
Autumn inspired saison suggestions
Hi, I'm looking for thoughts on an autumn inspired saison that I'm mulling. Looking to break into these early october. I'm thinking 70/20/10 pils/munich/oats or spelt. I'm seeking a leaf pile like aroma, a little moldy I guess.

Any thoughts on bugs for this?

07/09/12 11:23 AM  
Re: Autumn inspired saison suggestions
Try dry hopping with loose leaf black tea, Pu-erh aged if you can find it, it has a damp leaf flavor. That flavor is pretty elusive with bugs.
07/09/12 12:24 PM  
Re: Autumn inspired saison suggestions
I tend to associate something on the maltier side with Autumn. The 20% munich would be a good way or even a batch with quite a bit of kettle caramelization. Maybe use an Amber Biere de Garde grist with a Saison yeast.

Or you could go overboard and go the pumpkin pie spice route.

07/09/12 06:17 PM  
Re: Autumn inspired saison suggestions
I have an Autumn-inspired saison brewing now with Belgian Candi Syrup 45L, about 25% Munich and a touch of rosemary in the boil... I haven't tasted it yet but I have high hopes for it, I wanted the syrup to lend some caramels/fruit without the body/residual sweetness of crystal malts. I second the Pu-erh tea if you can find it.
Adam M
07/10/12 12:13 PM  
Re: Autumn inspired saison suggestions
Thanks guys, I have some homemade candi sugar around that darkness...look forward to trying the Pu-erh tea.

Any thoughts on the rate for dryhopping?

08/06/12 09:19 PM  
Re: Autumn inspired saison suggestions
Did you ever decide on an amount for dry teabagging?
Nick P
08/16/12 12:41 PM  
Re: Autumn inspired saison suggestions
I did a recipe very similar to that with 20% biscuit instead of vienna and it really increase the color and malt body compared to my normal saisons. I also used 10% Spelt and it was based on the Rustic Saison recipe in Farmhouse Ales. I loved it! My homebrew club loved it too and I think I converted some non-Saison drinkers.

I used Goldings (FWH) and then finished it with Fr. Strisselspart, and Amarillo. Earthy, Floral, hops complimented the FR. Saison 3711 yeast very well!

Good luck.

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