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06/21/12 02:42 PM  
Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Regarding New Belgium/Lost Abbey Brett Beer - (Mo Betta Bretta?)

I've seen this beer on the shelves in MN but have heard reviews that it needs to be cellared for a while to let the flavors come together. Seems like people are dissapointed in this one. It's also very possible that people that review this beer are expecting a sour beer, and don't understand the difference between a sour beer and a 100% Brett beer.

My questions is...if this was brewed and bottled at NB and pasteurized, will the brett character still come out more with aging?

Any thoughts on all of this? Any one tried the NB version yet?

06/24/12 11:58 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
I tried this and it tastes like a clean fruity Saison. I loved it. Amazing how clean bretta can be!

Also, the guys at the Four Firkins said that NB bottle conditioned it so I decided to drink a few and cellar a few.

Mike T
06/25/12 09:59 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
It's my understanding that all of the New Beglium "Lips of Faith" beers are flash pasteurized, partially force carbonated, and then bottle conditioned with brewer's yeast to get them the rest of the way. I know this is the case with the sours, and I am pretty sure it is true of the Brett'd ones.

Haven't gotten a chance to try this one yet, but looking forward to it!

06/25/12 03:49 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Hey Mike,

Good to know. So, does that mean that the Brett was killed in the flash pasteurizing process, and the brett flavor won't change dramitically in the cellar? I'm just wondering if you think the brett flavors will change over time...if not, I'll drink them all right now as it's really tasty as is.

Is this their new version of Mo Betta Bretta?

06/25/12 06:54 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
unless I am missing something, I believe this beer was brewed at the lost abbey and is bottle conditioned. I plan on sitting on my bottles for at least a year before trying them, as I hear (like dankbrewer says) they are pretty clean right now.


06/25/12 07:50 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
I just picked up a bottle yesterday and will pick up a couple more for aging soon.

So you are saying that the ones in MN are distributed by New Belgium? The one I got definitely looks like it was packaged by Lost Abbey - here is a pic: http://instagr.am/p/MRstoTp2pb/

And the bottle has a good amount of yeast in for a commercial beer. I'm trying to figure out from Lost Abbey what yeast(s) to expect.

Mike T
06/26/12 08:28 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Assuming the Brett is dead, you won't get much flavor change by aging the beer other than what comes from the time itself.

ssf, there were two different beers brewed, one at each brewery. The Lost Abbey brewed Mo Betta Bretta, New Belgium brewed the uncreatively named Brett Beer. The Lost Abbey beer is unpasteurized I'm sure.

06/26/12 09:55 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Here is a pic of the other one. I have not tried it yet, but had a freind try it and he said he was a little dissapointed in how tame it was.


06/26/12 10:50 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
My understanding is that the New Belgian version has live brett in it.
Mike T
06/26/12 10:58 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Source? From talking to Lauren Salazar et al. I got the impression that all of the Lips of Faith beers were being flash pasteurized so they could be run through the same bottling line as clean beers. Sounded like they are hoping for a sour/Brett dedicated line eventually though.
06/26/12 11:27 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Almighty...I'll trade you one of my Brett Beer from NB for a Lost Abbey Mo Betta if you want.

Timely post by Embrace the Funk. Whoa...what amazing information about New Belgium in this post.

ETF- Let’s talk for a second about the NB/Lost Abbey collaboration “Brett Beer”. Was Brett Beer pasteurized and can you give an idea on the Brett used?

Lauren- The Lost Abbey is fermented with bretta then filtered, not bottle conditioned. When I talk about pasteurization, I am talking about sour beers- locking a blend in and keeping our stainless cellar clean- this is a different process- we ferment with Brett, then filter the yeast out like other regular beers- we achieve a specific flavor profile and alcohol content and we’re done. The bretta used was a combination of ours and Lost Abbey’s bretta cultures.

****so this means that they didn't pasteurize Brett Beer, but that they filtered the brett out.

Great read hear!


06/26/12 11:38 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
ha, dankbrewer beat me to it. I was just about to post that link. GREAT read.
Mike T
06/26/12 12:07 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Thanks for the link. Either way it sounds like the result is the same, not much change to the brett character expected in the bottle.
Mike T
06/27/12 08:32 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Did anyone see this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93iNXvOaDV8

Any chance the pineapple, oregano, and garlic powder additions to the Lost Abbey version are a joke? Reviews don't seem to mention their flavor (other than the fruit, which could be from the Brett).

06/27/12 11:54 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
I saw the video and was confused also. I'll have to ask a couple people I know that are friends with the brewers over there. Also the place they were shopping is Smart & Final which is not known for their exceptional ingredients (read - cheap and low quality).

Another interesting point is the price and ABV:

New Belgium 22 oz - $7 - 7.5% ABV

Lost Abbey 375ml - $9 - 6.3% ABV

I bet these beers taste pretty different. And Dank, I'll be sending one your way - no worries.

06/27/12 03:07 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Any online shops selling the LA bottled version?
06/27/12 05:57 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
I know Geoi (Joey) used to ship beers from San Diego at his old place South Bay Drug and Liquor. He has his new shop Bine And Vine http://www.bineandvine.com/

up and running, he has the LA Mo Betta version. I am just not sure if the online store is up and running yet. Shoot him an email, he's a super nice guy.

06/28/12 10:04 AM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
Yes that store has been up and running for a few months now
07/09/12 09:11 PM  
Re: Brett Beer - New Belgium/Lost Abbey
I had a chance to try the New Belgian version and I was disappointed. It was sweeter than I expected, with little to no hops, or the elusive pineapple or other tropical fruit. I got what I perceived as DMS but that may have just been due to the sweetness of the beer. I hope the lost abbey version which I believe still has viable Brett in it will turn out better.

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