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06/01/12 07:17 PM  
Fantome beers?
Has anyone been able to get their hands on any Fantome beers recently? The only one I have seen locally (and purchased) was their Christmas release.

Are they just not keeping up with demand in the US or have they cut back on their brewing? Anyone know the inside scoop?

06/01/12 11:39 PM  
Re: Fantome beers?
Where are you located?

I figured the East Coast finally got into Fantome, so they gobble it all up from Shelton before it makes it's way out here, so we hardly see any out here in Oregon. We did get a small amount of Noel and Hiver so far this year. Last year we got Dalmatiene, Printemps, and Dark White I think.

06/02/12 11:04 AM  
Re: Fantome beers?
Western New York. Just South of Buffalo on Lake Erie. I've really been missing those beers and the dregs to boot!
06/04/12 08:01 PM  
Re: Fantome beers?
Same experience here in Southern California. We used to have the saison stocked at my local bottle shop year-round, with various seasonal selections in and out. I haven't seen the saison in many months. My thoughts are that the Belgian youth are beginning to move away from Stella and other commercial lager style beers and beginning to get a taste for their own craft breweries. If this is the case, expect this new found reduction in Fantome, Cantillon, etc. to only get worse.
06/04/12 11:57 PM  
Re: Fantome beers?
It's not really the Belgian youth, Fantome is relatively unheard of there from what I've seen. I think Dany mentioned that 90% or more of his beer was exported. I think there are just more people, especially in the states, buying it all up.
06/05/12 04:45 PM  
Re: Fantome beers?
i believe dany reads/posts in the main forum, so a cross post there might be helpful.
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