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Adam M
05/31/12 11:44 AM  
Unintentionally brett'd saison
Turns out my first rye saison got brett'd. Pretty sure I know where it came from. Regardless, I know that brett and saison go very well together, but it isn't a known strain.

I'm planning on riding this out, currently at 1.006, not a whole lot for the brett to chew on. Are there any issues with wild brett, or should the flavors be similar to commercially available brett species?

Mike T
05/31/12 02:18 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
Brett strains/species have a huge range, so it is impossible to predict what flavors your wild strain will produce. However, there are a couple of instances of similar things happening with good results. Allagash got their Brett strain from a wild one that got into an under-attenuated saison (which became Interlude).

Brett doesn’t need much gravity in my experience, it will keep making esters and phenols even if the gravity plateaus.

Good luck!

Adam M
05/31/12 11:01 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
Thanks, at what point would I bottle this?
Mike T
06/01/12 09:47 AM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
Waiting until the gravity is stable is the safest option. Brett can move slowly, so be sure your readings are consistent over a few weeks or a month.
06/01/12 03:52 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
Brett in secondary does much of its flavor development from esterification (alcohol + acid <-> ester)among other metabolizing and not from by-products of fermentation. So gravity has little to do with flavor development, it is more based on Brett strain type.

Hopefully you got a tasty wild yeast. Only one way to know - let it ride.

Adam M
06/01/12 06:10 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
Okay, thanks guys...on a related note, my first brett beer, an orval clone, has had a stable gravity for a month now, at 1.008, down from 1.018.

But, the airlock keeps pumping away. the gravity sample has a wee heavy like carb level. Is this just CO2 coming out of sol'n in light of the gravity readings?

Oh, and how can I get my fantome ghost?

06/01/12 07:15 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
How long has your orval clone been on the brett for? If it has been several mos and your readings have not changed then you are prob okay to bottle. You might want to add a little bit less priming sugar as the brett will probably continue to chew away very slowly in the bottle.

You are most likely observing CO2 coming out of solution as you stated.

Oh, BTW, you got yourself a ghost! (it just means there was a recent post) :)

06/01/12 08:19 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
I would keep tabs on the flavor of the beer as it ages. Once you like it bottle or keg and enjoy the bulk before it changes into something you don't care for. Seems like bretts go through different stages were they can taste great and then change for the worse. Then change back later into something else. Drink it, enjoy it and save a few for the long haul.


Adam M
06/01/12 09:03 PM  
Re: Unintentionally brett'd saison
Thanks again, just dry hopped the BPA!
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