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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/28/12 09:47 PM  
Recipe help: Hoegaarden Rosť
my wife loves this stuff, anyone have a recipe? TIA
05/29/12 12:45 PM  
Re: Recipe help: Hoegaarden Rosť
I've never had it, but it sounds just like a raspberry version of regular Hoegaarden. I bet if you made a standard witbier then added some raspberry flavoring product found in a home brew shop you'd get close enough to make her happy. From what I've read of this - and considering the beer's producer - its hard to imagine there is a level of complexity you'd need to capture.
05/29/12 02:27 PM  
Re: Recipe help: Hoegaarden Rosť
Steve, that's kind of what I was thinking, just wanted some confirmation and reassurance. Thanks!
05/29/12 04:19 PM  
Re: Recipe help: Hoegaarden Rosť
No prob beerprof! If you've never made a wit, it can be a pretty fast beer. Good news going into the summer. One thing, do you keg?

If I were doing this I'd make my wit. I'd keg it then select a couple possible raspberry flavoring products. First I'd do some sampling to decide which seemed best. I'd get a syrup in there, maybe some frozen ones from the supermarket, google around and see what else sounds good. Anyway, step one is pick your poison. Then do controlled experiments to determine how much berry additive per ounce. Then I'd cut that calculation result in half and add it to the keg. If it needed more I'd add half that again, sneak up on the final amount. Once I was happy with the berry level I'd force carbonate.

If I had to do that and bottle I'd take a similar approach but I'd try to take into account how much sugar I was adding with the raspberry stuff. Prime accordingly. when it seems to be carbonated enough I'd do what I could to keep the bottles cold.

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