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Happy Feet
05/05/12 12:15 PM  
pure oxygen in wort
Long time since I posted, nice to be back

Just got a Brewer's Edge Oxygen Aerator from Williams Brewing. I liked the design because the 2 micron stainless aeration stone is attached to a SS tube that you can position anywhere and its easy to clean.

The question I have is: How long to run the pure O2 for? The instructions say 20 seconds for 5 gal. The description on the website says 50 seconds for five gal. other posts say longer. This is also with a 2 micron stone, other have .5 micron stone.

I make 10 gal batches (41 L) How long should I be running the oxygenator for?

With saison starting at 50, 60 or higher, any idea on how I should adjust?


05/07/12 09:03 AM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
gravity will change the time.

Usually around 1.060 and below I am going 30-60 seconds

Above that I am going 60-120 seconds.

Those 2 micron stones get clogged pretty easily from what I have heard.

05/07/12 10:54 AM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
I do 1 minute for low gravity beers and 2 minutes for high gravity beers.
Happy Feet
05/08/12 01:51 AM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
Thanks, just for clarification, would this be for the 40 L (10 gal batch) I mentioned? Also, what be the effect of over oxygenating?
05/08/12 11:18 AM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
Yes, for 10 gallon batches. I would cut the times in half for 5 gallons. Over oxygenating can lead to eventual heavy oxidation flavors and a change in the color. I have seen this happen to a friend that would leave the oxygen on for 5 minutes. He thought more would be better - NOT! The yeast won't be able to deal with or absorb too much oxygen.
05/08/12 12:58 PM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
My times I posted are for 5g
05/08/12 08:56 PM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
For average strength ales I do about 60 seconds (1.050 or so OG). For ales approaching 1.060 or greater, I give at least 90 seconds of pure O2.

For lagers I give about 90 seconds of 02 once the beer has reached a pitching temp of 50 deg F. I see pretty quick lag times with regards to visible fermentation with these methods. All are based on 5.5 gallons in the fermenter.

Happy Feet
05/16/12 07:47 PM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
Thank you for your advise. I'm going to try 1 min for 1.040 to 1.050 and 1 min 30 for the 1.050 - 1.070 range and two min above 1.070. Looking forward to the Belgium brewing season! (Which is when my garage goes above 70 deg F :)
Matt C
05/20/12 03:41 PM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
Lots of talk about time, temperature, and gravity, but nothing about flow rate. If you want to dial in the amount of time you're oxygenating your wort, then you're going to have to dial in how much oxygen you're pumping in as well.
05/21/12 08:25 AM  
Re: pure oxygen in wort
MAtt brought up a good point, although a lot of homebrewers have the basic oxygen can and simple regulator.

A trick to watch without a regulator is if your just getting the o2 bubbles flying up and out of your wort it is not absorbing and you can turn down your flow rate.

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