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Mike T
05/01/12 08:57 AM  
NHC Results?
Anybody else do well at NHC this year? My friend Nathan and I won Sours in Pittsburgh with our wine barrel solera (first pull) aged on Cabernet sauvignon grapes. I took a second place in Belgian Ales with a single with Brett B added to the bottle. Our little barrel crew also took a third in fruit beer with a sour porter aged in a bourbon barrel and then on sour cherries. Despite outscoring the Cab Solera by 4 points my Berliner failed to place. Great beer, but it is hard for such a light/simple beer to compete against the other more assertive sours.
05/01/12 11:55 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Congrats Mike. Unfortunately I didn't get anything entered in time this year. Next year I'll have to be more on my toes.
05/01/12 12:02 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Bravo. You are really awesome.
05/01/12 12:18 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Agreed. Good job Mike! May I ask what category you submitted the wine barrel solera? I tend to have problems getting the category right for entries.
Mike T
05/01/12 01:19 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I entered the Cabernet beer (fermented with Alís Bugfarm III) as a fruit lambic. The Brett'd pale was in Belgian specialty, and the bourbon cherry was in fruit beer.

Yeah, it filled up quickly this year, luckily someone sent me a reminder to enter. I'd like to see them limit it to six entries per person. Cut out all the 50 entry people going for Ninkasi.

05/02/12 12:18 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Tank- I missed out too this year...tried to enter on day 3 of entries being open.

Mike- totally agree on the limits. I sent Janis Gross a couple of emails. I also think they should open it to members only first as well as put limits on entries.

05/02/12 09:24 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Limits would be awesome. Congrats on the success in the seemingly very tough Pittsburgh comp. I don't think anything I sent placed. Best I got was 4th place in its category with my pedio contaminated dubbel. Such a shame it developed pedio rope because the week I sent it off it was awesome. I'll just have to brew it again I guess. The saison category must have been tough. My 16E did poorly because I wasn't specific enough on base style I guess. It was a hoppy amber belgian bottle conditioned with Orval dredges. The carb is starting to get nice and high where I wanted it, unfortunately they thought it was too much.
05/02/12 11:30 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
<<Tank- I missed out too this year...tried to enter on day 3 of entries being open.>>

Hey Jeff, that sucks. But you were closer than I - I didn't even try until like a week after it opened. More or less the same thing with the conference.

I know the AHA is already trying to make a lot of changes for next year to fix all the issues they are having with stuff selling out. Should be interesting to see what happens.

05/02/12 03:27 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I won 1st for my Kriek at the Indy location
05/02/12 07:01 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
5 of my 7 entries went to mini BOS at Pittsburgh. I ended up taking 1st with my Dusseldorf Altbier and 3rd with my Imperial IPA. Unfortunately my cherry lambic did squat.

Good luck to all in the final round!

Gordon A
05/03/12 02:23 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Assuming the sheets are correct, I'm advancing out of Portland with a Basil IPA. I only entered three beers (and none of my sours were at a spot where I wanted to drop $10+shipping on them).
05/03/12 07:56 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
almost missed the deadline. wanted to give a new lambic a shot...
05/04/12 02:45 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I was luckily enough to remember in the 2 days that the San Diego window was open. None of mine advanced, but my Saison with 3711 and Brett C at bottling scored a 41 and made it to the mini BOS. So I'm happy with that. My 2 year old Flanders Red did not have enough malt complexity for the judges (brewed with 7 malts).

I was stewarding the competition and even with the great beer scene in San Diego I don't think we have the most experienced judges in the sour category. It seems the most sour beer usually wins. I guess this is incentive for me to get BJCP certified.

05/04/12 04:54 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
my 100% brett golden ale variations took 1st and 2nd.

dry hopped with lemongrass took 1st in 23- specialty

aged on champagne grapes took 2nd in 16 (as 16e)

haven't got score sheets back yet.

I've not gotten any beers advanced before, so I'm pretty excited.

This was the Denver region.

05/04/12 11:46 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Got my scoresheets this afternoon.. the dryhopped and lemongrass version of my brett golden scored a 47! Needless to say this is the highest score I've ever got. Very well documented feedback as well. Quite impressed with the judging quality on that one. A 40 for the grape version.

My kriek scored a 35 and moved to mini-bos but didn't place. Judges noted slight acetic(I do too) and were split about apparent age... one judge thought it had a few years, the other noted it was too young. It's about to turn 2 (in the bottle)

Scott J
05/05/12 05:03 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
I got 1st in Belgian and French for my Biere de Garde (Denver). 45 beers in this category so I feel pretty good about it.

There a couple of huge threads on the AHA Forum about the unexpected massive entry assault this year. The competition is basically maxed out with judges and sites so I expect next year there will be some kind of staggered entry cap (5 the 1st day, 5 the 2nd day, etc) and perhaps some incentive to volunteers for the 1st round (free entry the next year maybe).

Congrats RyanG. Looks like we will be competing again in the finals.

05/06/12 12:27 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
My American barleywine took silver, as did my oaked cherry vanilla mead in cat 26. My cherry flanders (16E) made it to mini-BOS. This was in the Canadian qualifer.

Took a bottle of my cherry flanders to a large sour tasting event last weekend. We had some great american and belgian commercial sours, but my cherry flanders was in the top 3 (the other 2 were Rodenbach Vintage 2007 and 2008).

Troy Robinson
05/06/12 07:03 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I got first for in Belgian and French for a Saison in the Portland region. Second for a ESB and third for Northern English Brown. I am currently rebrewing all of them and plan to do a side-by-side taste against the original before deciding which ones to send in.

The one sour beer I sent in got my lowest score, but I was 3 for 6 overall, so I am really happy about the results.

05/07/12 08:59 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Ryan G care to share you brett dryhopped lemon grass recipe? SOunds interesting
05/07/12 12:32 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
It's rather unfortunate that I made just a one gallon split of the dryhop/lemongrass version.

The base beer grist is kinda maibock/belgian golden strong:

80%pils, 6% munich 2, 6% vienna, 6% wheat, 2% aromatic

1.066 OG

~20IBU chinook

fermented with a 4th generation slurry of brett blend (originally sourced from Chad of Crooked Stave)

This particular split (one gallon) was then dosed with 1/4oz ahtanum hops and 1/2tsp of dried lemongrass(Penzy's)

My other splits of the base beer include the champagne grape version, an elderflower version with plain oak, a rose hip version with calvados soaked oak, a cherry version with pinot noir soaked oak, a crabapple version, and a watermelon version.

05/07/12 12:55 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
<<I was stewarding the competition and even with the great beer scene in San Diego I don't think we have the most experienced judges in the sour category. It seems the most sour beer usually wins. I guess this is incentive for me to get BJCP certified.>>

I have to agree with this. It seems that Paul S. is one of the few who is good at judging sours. Tough category to judge though.

05/07/12 04:20 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
DId you leave the lemon grass on for same time as the hops? How long just a few days weeks?
05/08/12 11:30 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Tom - yes, the lemongrass and hops spent the same amount of time in contact with the beer. It was a little over 2 weeks contact time. I think the lemongrass could have gone a touch longer, but it worked well.

Congrats Scott on taking the belgian and frech category! Good luck in the second round!

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